5 solutions housing providers can implement to enhance their transformation journey

Business transformation is a hot topic in the housing sector. Providers need to radically change the way they do business in order to survive in a rapidly changing environment. This requires the adoption of more agile processes that help satisfy the demands of tenants and regulatory authorities.

The journey towards becoming an innately digital business is different for every housing provider. Each requires new tools in order to recalibrate their entire organisation and optimise tenant outcomes. There are however commonalities in the types of solutions housing providers can implement to gain greater agility. Here are the solutions we recommend to simplify processes, unify communication channels and reduce the risk of dissatisfied tenants.

1. Commercial grade connectivity

Fast and reliable Internet is the single most important investment you can make for your business. Without it, nothing will work as it should. If your Internet is slow, then your processes will be slow and consequently your customer service will be awful. If you have low bandwidth then your staff will be held back from doing their job, wasting valuable resources.

Business Internet is advancing at pace, with 1GB connectivity well within the reach of many UK companies. This gives them the ability to scale up to unpredictable network demands and embrace the latest and greatest applications available.

With a reliable and high-speed connectivity solution in place, social landlords will experience better performance, and consequently greater ROI, on their whole suite of solutions. This will make life easier for your staff and dramatically improve outcomes for your tenants.

2. Multi-channel/omni-channel communications

The communications landscape is almost unrecognisable from a decade ago. Mobile devices, along with the plethora of communications apps they host, have fundamentally altered the communications landscape. Tenants use multiple channels to communicate. Providers must ensure they do the same.

A call to a social landlord one day may be followed by an email or Instant Message the next. These can’t be treated as disparate actions, and must all lead to a congruent response. With an omni-channel solution in place, providers can relate to tenants by whichever means they prefer, without the risk of crucial records of communications being lost in the ether.

3. Connecting CRM and call centre operations

Not only have the communication channels tenants use changed over the past decade, so have their expectations of how efficiently a business will respond to their queries. An inability to quickly call up details of past conversations or to effectively route calls and messages to the most appropriate representative are sure-fire ways to hold up the resolution process and irritate tenants.

Cloud-based unified communications solutions allow housing providers to integrate their CRM systems with hosted telephony, helping agents to have all the customer data they need at hand in order to meet tenant expectations.

4. Hosted VoIP

Providers need to be responsive to tenants. The issues and pain-points tenants have are varied and unpredictable, yet providers must be able to give a resolution – or a promise of a resolution – at the point that they emerge.

This is even more critical during times of crisis or disaster recovery, where a lack of information can cause hysteria to arise, particularly across publicly viewable social media channels.

The tenant can’t be waiting for agents to be ready; they need to have a way of communicating and receiving information when and where they need it. With a hosted VoIP solution in place, providers can make sure their agents are ready and able to respond whatever the circumstances.

5. Inbound Contact Centre

The value of great customer experience can never be overvalued. Tenants appreciate a quality service, and equally won’t forgive poorly handled enquires.

With tools such as skills-based routing and First Call Resolution, providers can ensure tenant calls are handled by the most appropriate personnel, and resolved at the earliest possible opportunity. This has commensurate benefits both for maximising use of resources as well as providing a better customer experience.

Webinar: Interested in finding out more about embracing cloud-based communications in your housing organisation? Join babble’ Ben Foulds on 28 September at 12pm for an expert panel discussion on how social landlords can become more agile to meet the needs of their tenants.

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