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While it may sound like some sci-fi fantasy, machines really are talking to each other these days. But not in a sci-fi horror, taking over the world kind of way. Machines to machine (M2M) SIMs are helping humans and businesses complete tasks cheaper and more efficiently.

But what is an M2M SIM? M2M SIM cards enable devices to send and receive data across cellular networks. Put simply, these SIM cards are tiny computer devices that share information to each other remotely.

While they share some similarities with the standard SIMs we know and use every day in our mobile phones, M2M SIMs differ in terms of their durability and capabilities. For example, M2M SIMs are often put in more extreme environments, so are designed to withstand harsh temperatures and weather conditions. They also hold more data and are designed to last for longer to save businesses needing to replace them regularly.

Let’s look at some of the ways these powerful SIMs make business life easier.

Bolstering your VoIP management 

VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is essentially the process of making phone calls over the internet rather than traditional fixed line methods. You’ll see VoIP implemented in our contact centers technology.

Many businesses have shifted to this type of telephone management as it is cheaper and offers multiple benefits such as easier call tracking and greater security.  

While a VoIP system requires in-house capabilities, the main benefits of using M2M in VoIP telephone management is that it enables the end user to access and control vital information from remote machines in real time. And with many still working remotely, having remote capabilities in place are essential for the smooth running of businesses.

The tide is high, but M2M SIMs are holding on

M2M SIM technology plays a role in monitoring water levels across reservoirs, seas and rivers due to their robust design and dependability. Consumers can use M2M SIMs for boat tracking, alarm systems, and the ever-growing selection of IoT devices due to their robustness in harsh conditions, built-in resilience, and ease of management.

We have a range of environmentally focused customers at Babble, including those in the water monitoring and wind turbine sectors such GLID Wind Farms and Great Water Filters. M2M SIM technology is beneficial for any company with technology working in environmentally challenging conditions as they are easy to manage remotely and can withstand extreme heat and weather conditions.

Keeping up with the manufacturers

Our aim here at Babble is to offer our customers smart business solutions through updated technology, and anyone in the manufacturing industry will benefit from considering M2M SIMs to streamline their processes.

M2M sensors embedded in machinery can communicate with central maintenance platforms, providing engineers with real-time reports on the state of equipment and any required maintenance. This data can be used to schedule repairs before machines fail, potentially saving thousands of pounds.

There is a whole world out there for businesses to explore M2M SIM technology, so speak to one of our experts at Babble if you’d like to know more about this technology could help your business.