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Creating a personalised experience as Five9’s Top EMEA Partner 2019

Last week our CEO, Matthew Parker and Babble Contact Managing Director, Mark Jordan travelled across the pond to Las Vegas to attend the annual Five9 CX Summit. We are delighted to share that they returned with the prestigious award of “Top EMEA Partner 2019” the premier accolade for Five9 partners outside of the US. 

Adopting a successful digital transformation strategy

The term is used a lot in the business media, but what does it mean? If your business isn’t putting a transformation strategy into action then you’re likely to experience issues.


Marginal Gains that transform your contact centre and customer experience

Keeping up with the speed of change is a major challenge for many businesses; but it doesn’t have to be. The marginal gains described in this article reduce that risk by helping you assess where you can make small tweaks to your contact centre strategy, rather than changing your entire infrastructure.

Omnichannel CX design

Almost all organisations now recognise that CX is a key measure of success. They are also starting to understand that CX transformation cannot happen in pockets of the organisation, but requires a ‘whole of company’ approach.

A personalised experience is fast becoming the new expected normal

Like it or not – customer expectation is being defined by pure digital experiences. If organisations don’t do everything in their power to offer personalisation to customers, they may end up losing business.

Spend less with Unified Communications

When we talk about cost savings of communications technology, we tend to think about capital expenditure. If you’re using a PBX, you’ll notice that unified communications save on procurement, maintenance, repairs and infrastructure provision.

But what if we broadened the scope of what a ‘cost saving’ actually is?

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The impossible puzzle of cybersecurity

Cybersecurity just isn’t getting any easier. While protection technologies continue to advance at a rapid pace, so do the cybercriminals trying to circumvent them. At the same time, the growing complexity of threats means that staying on top of them is an uphill task for stretched IT teams.