We made sure Brightstar's staff can always speak to who they need to

How Babble's solution brought business resilience

When it moved its London office location, The Brightstar Group needed a solution to futureproof its telephony platform.

Babble recommended that a hosted solution was implemented at the new premises, before being rolled out across the entire estate, which would enable calls to be transferred between locations free of charge.

Babble has also implemented dedicated internet connections at each location, provided call data and recording facilities and introduced mobile twinning applications so that each telephony user can work from home or remote locations whilst staying connected to the telephone system.

At a time when business resilience has never been more important, Babble’s solution provides The Brightstar Group with added disaster recovery procedures, allowing calls to be re-routed to different offices or to individual mobile users, protecting the business from downtime in case of any emergency.

In addition, productivity at The Brightstar Group has increased with 100% of calls covered by the new remote, call recorded and audited system, compared to before lockdown.

• 100% of calls covered by the new system

• A dramatic increase in productivity reported

We helped Yopa have more bespoke conversations with customers

How the successful technology partnership looks one year on

Since it started working with Babble in October 2019, full-service estate agent, Yopa, has seen its organisation transformed thanks to an automated Five9 contact centre solution implemented by this leading technology business, which has contributed to improving business efficiency despite the industry going through a challenging year.

Babble’s solution automatically syncs call data, ensuring that agents are connected with specific leads that are most likely to generate sales, before moving on to dial the next lead with the best conversion potential. In 2019 Yopa was completing on average of 40,000 dials a month, but a year on and with credit to both Babble’s technology and Yopa becoming a bigger player in the industry, the leading estate agent has now recorded a dramatic 200% increase in dials completed on a monthly basis.

Yopa agents are now speaking to more customers than ever, and having better, more bespoke conversations with each one, reporting an increase of 75% for the monthly talk time compared to that of last year, and improving from 400 hours to 700 hours of productive talk time over the course of the year.

• Additional 300 hours of productive talk time recorded

• A 200% increase in dials completed on a monthly basis reported

We facilitated record-breaking sales in the travel industry

How we used a blend of technology for a fully customised solution

Skilled travel provider, Ocean Holidays, has been highly successful since its launch, largely due to its particularly specialised CRM system created inhouse.

However, the innovative business was being let down by its undependable telephony solution, and with a structure in place that relies on phone calls, the company needed to make a change to increase efficiency, customer experience and profit.

With January’s usual peak demand period fast approaching in 2020, and following the collapse of Thomas Cook, tens of thousands of holidaymakers were looking to rebook. Constantly operating to meet demand, the business needed an upgraded installation that was fast, problem-free and that would result in no downtime – and with four businesses under the Ocean Holidays umbrella, the system needed to be customisable to meet the complexity of the system.

Ocean Holidays engaged with unified communications, cloud contact centre and cyber solutions provider, Babble, for expert advice. Babble drew on its extensive experience working with world-leading travel companies and recommended a mixed-blend of technologies to create a bespoke solution.

A two-phase approach was implemented; phase one would migrate Ocean Holidays to a reliable hosted telephony system, and phase two would see Babble mirror the travel company’s CRM system with a blend of technology.

The solution provided the customisation that Ocean Holidays needed for success, including comprehensive reporting, analytics, live wallboards, always-on call recording, and click-to-dial. The new system also resulted in a higher conversion rate and customer retention through improved customer experience, resulting in its best January sales to date.

• New phone system allowed excess demand to be met, resulting in best ever sales during peak booking season

• Babble’s blend of technology enabled the solution to be highly customised

We seamlessly transitioned SumUp to home working at the start of lockdown

Thriving in the new world of work

SumUp is a leading mobile point-of-sale company with 14 global sites and over 2,000 employees. Until March 2020, SumUp was an office based organisation, but as lockdowns were implemented across the world due to COVID-19, the business instantly pivoted to a home working structure.

Babble stepped in to facilitate the working from home transition at the start of the first lockdown, with features that allowed SumUp’s agents, via a Five9 solution, to dial automatic outbound calls to a specific sample of its customer base. This informed the point-of-sale company’s merchants on how SumUp could provide support during the pandemic with new products and offers.

Troubleshooting tools and new guidelines were also provided by the technology partner in order to provide clarity on the new working structure. Despite the rapid shift to remote working, Babble’s agile solutions have helped SumUp to thrive, and not just survive, in a new world.

• Over 2,000 employees instantly able to work as normal from home

• Able to easily inform customers of how new services would operate during pandemic

We supported Aquavista's growth by adding agility and scalability

How a scalable, long-term cloud technology solution has future-proofed the business

Babble has been working alongside Aquavista, the UK’s leading leisure and mooring supplier, for the past two years.

Implementing technology solutions that were aligned to the company’s rapid growth following its uncoupling from former parent company, The Canal River Trust.

As a geographically dispersed business, Aquavista needed a scalable cloud technology solution that would enable employees to operate efficiently and remotely. With connectivity being essential to effective functioning of the business, Babble deployed a fibre grade connection and a hosted telephony platform across 18 dispersed sites. As well as lower upfront costs and maintenance, and facilitating cheaper, more reliable, better quality calls for the long term, the solution enabled Aquavista employees to work from home at a moment’s notice back in March, with no operational downtime or impact experienced by clients.

Providing data cards for employees’ iPads was also a fundamental element of Babble’s strategy, as they dramatically enhance Aquavista employees’ efficiency by allowing more flexibility, stronger and more reliable levels of signal and streamlined methods of communicating, despite being spread across various locations around the country.

At a time when business resilience has never been more important, Babble’s solution has provided Aquavista with a scalable, long term solution which has improved employee productivity and future-proofed the company’s operations.

• Cheaper, more reliable and better quality calls made as a result

• No operational downtime or impact experienced by clients

We equipped Kiely Bros to thrive in the new world of work

Allowing staff to work how they needed to with a new approach to technology deployment

With a Birmingham head office and four other regional sites across the country, Kiely Bros found that its aging physical network was hindering productivity for its 150 staff. They needed a more resilient solution. After 10 successful years working for the leading carriageway and footway surface treatment providers, and ahead of the impending lockdown in March 2020, Babble proposed taking Kiely Bros’ on-premise environment and transporting it to the cloud – equipping the business for the new world of work.

The migration to the cloud for Kiely Bros was completed with the implementation of a full cloud telephone solution harnessing the power of Microsoft Teams. The solution enabled users to work from any location in a secure and effectively managed way, whilst still retaining their local numbers. Utilising the Microsoft Teams apps on mobile devices delivered further flexibility for users, providing an ‘always available’ solution that would allow for data sharing, chat, voice and video calling – all supported and managed by the Babble team.

The new environment was one that was more reliable and futureproofed. If the primary system failed – which provided all email, file access and application control – the secondary, cloud-based mirror image system would automatically kick in. Removing any single points of failure from within the business meant the team could always connect when they needed to – enabling up to 150 people to access emails, data and files anywhere in the world. Taking only five weeks to implement from start to finish, the solution provided organisational resilience and has resulted in a more streamlined working practice at the company, with no downtime experienced by the workforce.

Kiely Bros’ commitment to the relationship with Babble is evidently clear. With Cyber, Telephony, Connectivity and Mobile all managed by the service provider, the relationship is continuing to grow from strength to strength.

• 150 members of staff able to work from anywhere in the world

• Whole process completed in only five weeks

We gave Majestic Wine the agility needed to match business momentum

How we enabled 'business as usual' CX during a time of crisis

Majestic Wine, the UK’s largest specialist wine retailer, has always had customer experience at its heart. However, with over 200 stores across the UK and two in France, Majestic Wine needed a technology partner that could update its existing aged contact centre technology, enabling agents to deliver an excellent customer experience.

When the nation entered lockdown back in March 2020, Majestic Wine received a record level of sales, highlighting the urgency for a cloud-based solution that could be flexibly implemented, whilst allowing employees to work remotely.

Majestic Wine selected unified communications, cloud contact centre and cybersecurity provider, Babble, to incorporate a cloud-based contact centre solution that is scalable, flexible and adaptable. In order to meet the client’s tight and urgent turnaround, a rigorous project management approach was required.

The cloud-based solution could be incorporated into the existing infrastructure and was rolled out in a phased approach. The voice provision was rolled out in just four weeks, email followed two weeks later and finally a chat service was installed.

Since the integration of the project, Majestic Wine has not only been able to allow agents to work safely from home, but has also produced a fully operational omnichannel contact centre, enabling the company to double the number of concurrent agent omnichannel licenses within 24 hours. With full flexibility, the solution also allows for extra features to be added as needed without any downtime.

• Whole contact centre transformed in a matter of weeks

• Future features can be added with zero downtime

We created a technology platform to support Evolution Funding's goals

How we deployed a transformative new system in a matter of days

Leading motor finance and technology provider, Evolution Funding, has long been at the forefront of innovation in the sector. However, this ambitious business needed to change its existing telephony and contact centre solution to better support its goals of increased efficiency, customer engagement, service levels and ultimately profitability.

With five offices, as well as a nationwide field-based sales team, Evolution Funding employs almost 250 staff. The business had outgrown its restrictive PBX telephony system, which needed constant care – draining valuable internal IT resources – and couldn’t support flexible working.

In addition, the business wanted a robust and cutting-edge contact centre solution to enhance its onboarding service to partners.

With the pandemic unfolding, Evolution Funding engaged with unified communications, cloud contact centre and cyber solutions provider, Babble, to implement an agile working working pilot which would allow all staff to effectively work remotely. Within a matter of days, Babble had deployed the pilot and following its success, the UCaaS and CCaaS solution was rapidly rolled out to all employees.

Since the phased implementation approach kick-started in September 2020, not only has it minimised personal health risks to staff, but teams at Evolution Funding have reported a sharp rise in productivity too. The integration of the Five9 dashboard has also given team leaders full visibility of advisers’ work, meaning at just a glance they can review how many calls are queuing and act to ensure they are answered swiftly and efficiently. Teams now have a good balance between high PCA and high outbound dialling, resulting in up to a 20% increase in calls completed.

• Successfully deployed within days

• 20% increase in calls completed

We simplified Cariocca’s processes with a cost-cutting solution

Providing the technical expertise to introduce a new revenue stream

Cariocca is dedicated to offering businesses of all sizes office space that is tailored to suit their requirements. However, whilst its services were incredibly popular, high costs and the longwinded installation processes of internet agreements for prospective tenants were becoming an obstacle to maximising tenant occupancy rates.

Supporting Cariocca through the deployment of the right technology, Babble designed a solution that gave tenants super-fast and instantly available connections on the date the tenancy agreement started – all for a lower cost than mainstream providers. This solution was then developed into its own revenue stream for the network, by offering tenants additional services such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony and call answering.

Babble managed the entire project, from solution design all the way through to installation, liaising with all required third parties in the process and utilitising the BDUK Voucher Scheme to keep costs within budgets.

Thanks to Babble’s technical backing, Cariocca now offers vastly improved services for tenants. The project transformed Cariocca’s business, turning connectivity issues into a convenient additional revenue stream.

We alleviated uncertainty at a critical time for Equilibrium Financial Planning LLP

Equipping the business with the tools to enable a hybrid model of working

Communication is key for financial planners, particularly throughout periods of uncertainty. So, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, as wealth management experts, Equilibrium Financial Planning LLP, were in the process of moving office locations, it could have had a disastrous effect on the business.

In the blink of an eye, Equilibrium was faced with almost 100 employees needing to work from home. With neither the old or the new offices operational, the business had to ensure that communication continued without interruption, so that customers were provided with reassurance as the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns unfolded.

That’s where Babble stepped in, equipping the business for the new world of work. Setting up a new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system, Babble enabled all client communication to be moved online, offering organisational resilience during highly challenging circumstances. Thanks to Babble’s solution, the team at Equilibrium has been reaping the rewards of the flexibility to work between the home and office spaces ever since, whilst maintaining seamless communication with their clients every step of the way.