Creating a ubiquitous network environment in the cloud.

Providing a modern approach to accessing data on all platforms.


Business needs

To improve the way users were able to access data and interact with centralised systems. Remove reliance on physical infrastructure in its Birmingham HQ and drive productivity through the improved use of technology.

Business results

Creation of a truly 24/7 network environment, providing a flexible and resilient infrastructure that can service the needs of users and clients alike across the globe.

ALS are a pan European organisation with sites in the UK, Ireland & Bulgaria. From the various locations, ALS’ experienced teams deliver services including M&E, fitout & refurb, IT infrastructure and tailored checkout solutions to some of the world’s leading retailers.

Dynamic networks

Having a workforce that can be in any location throughout Europe means having a network environment that is suited to the varying needs of remote and agile users. Data needs to be available, accessible and secure through the various types of devices in use. Having worked with Babble for over 10 years, ALS turned to our teams to provide options on the best ways forward for their ever-changing business.

Always-on solution

With an infrastructure that was predominantly based at the business’ HQ in Birmingham, the need to migrate to a fully cloud managed solution through the Microsoft Azure environment was identified by Babble as a way to stay always available in a secure and managed way. Introducing the use of a full cloud infrastructure removes the reliance on the HQ and gives users the power to collaborate on information that is accessed in a way that suits their requirements. Harnessing the power of cloud infrastructure means that ALS are now able to respond to their clients’ needs whenever and wherever, with a modern approach to accessing data on all platforms, as the network is designed and managed by Babble.