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Improving CX and ensuring business continuity

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Business needs

Park Plaza were experiencing a high volume of calls from across the world, all of which were chargeable. Customers were being charged for luxury rooms, as well as inbound calls, and this was having a detrimental effect on CX.

Business results

We converted all existing numbers to 0300 numbers which made it easier and cheaper for customers to contact them. The addition of a disaster recovery plan has provided another back up with a different carrier, meaning that if one carrier goes down, the business can still run.

Park Plaza Hotels & Resorts, formerly Park Plaza International Hotels, is a hotel chain which runs several hotel groups as franchises. We first met with Park Plaza around three years ago after they contacted us regarding a contact centre solution.

Finding the right solution

We were one of twelve companies approached about potentially providing the solution, and we were the only company that wasn’t willing to sell them what they wanted. After assessing their needs, we decided they needed to improve their connectivity, telephony and disaster plans.

They were using non-friendly numbers for their clients to call, which meant customers were having to pay to call them, as well as paying a large amount for a luxury room; this was having a negative effect on the customer experience.

They also had issues with their hosted telephony provided by Vodafone; they suffered a week outage with no disaster back-up solution in place.

Trusted partners

We visited their estate to try and understand more about the way they operate and the day to day issues they face. After assessing their environment, we decided that before they implemented a contact centre, they needed to improve their connectivity, telephony and disaster recovery plans first.

In this case, we haven’t just sold the customer what they’ve asked for, we’ve been honest with the customer and taken the time to really understand the business needs before suggesting a solution. Park Plaza didn’t have the right infrastructure to effectively support a contact centre without it causing issues; with our guidance and partnership, they’ve been able to build a secure environment ready for a contact centre in the future.


We’ve been working with Park Plaza for a number of years now, acting as their trusted partner for all things technology. It feels great to know we have a trusted partnership, rather than us just being a supplier.