Prioritising CX through effective technology

Improving the CX for a growing charity

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Business needs

To allow them to further continue their mission to help people overcome disadvantage and lack of opportunity, so that they can realise their potential, Paul Hamlyn needed to rethink their approach to communication.

Business results

Customer experience has been dramatically increased by making the journey more efficient and effective. The agile solution we provided allows the flexibility needed to manage an ever-changing environment.

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation is a charity whose main mission is to help people overcome disadvantage and lack of opportunity, so that they can realise their potential and enjoy fulfilling and creative lives. They had a legacy PBX that didn’t allow them basic functionality such as DDI and voicemail.

Detrimental effects on their CX

Their main challenge, however, was that all their calls went through to reception using a land and transfer policy, which was having detrimental effects on their customer experience. Customers didn’t have direct dials for their contacts and were experiencing interminable wait times.

They wanted to implement simplicity by using a reception console which would allow them ease when adding and remove users, assigning extensions and setting up forwarding and voicemail. We’ve had a lot of success with charities such as BID services, who are a charity that support the deaf, and Rotary International.

We explained the solutions we put in place for BID and Rotary, as well as other charities we’ve worked with over the years, highlighting our experience with not-for-profit organizations. After the first initial meeting, we then gave them two reference sites and testimonials from existing customers; again, highlighting our experience and knowledge.

Creating a more personal CX

Their admin team is now in full swing of using go integrator and reception console, with a full understanding of how it works. Customer wait times have been dramatically decreased and all employees now have direct dial numbers they can share with their clients to create a more personal customer experience. Due to the success of this solution in the London office, they are now looking at extending this solution through to their Indian office as part of the UC deployment.

We’ve seen a company go from having a very simplistic and restrictive solution, to having another simple solution, but one that does everything they need. It’s not just about helping our customer, it’s about improving the experience of our customer’s customer; that’s what’s important.