Using technology to be a better business

Thinking differently about communications to deliver efficiency

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Business needs

To maintain its leading position in a competitive market, Proco Global needed to redesign its communications for greater efficiency.

Business results

Simplified and consolidated communications with the latest cloud technology to connect individuals across the world.

Proco Global are a recruitment company with offices all around the world, with 11 sites spread across every region. Proco were spending an enormous £100,000 a year on their conferencing alone; they had legacy PBX’s in the majority of their offices that they wanted to upgrade. Their new CFO came in looking at cost efficiency, effectiveness and collaboration. They were spending £200,000 a year on communicating inside the business.

Collaboration across the world

Proco Global have offices all around the world, from Hong Kong to London; using our Unified Communications solution, we connected all of their offices, so they don’t pay international call charges anymore. They don’t have to pay for internal calls either, regardless of which office they call from. Proco Global are now collaborating throughout the world which has had has a positive effect on team communication.

Our solution has also allowed them to integrate their CRM system which means they’re now having more effective conversations with their customers, enhancing their customer experience.

Presenting a proof of concept

We decided to implement three proof of concepts to Proco Global in 3 different countries; this means that they got to use the solution for free for a month. During this month they got a feel for the hosted telephony solution we suggested, and gained a more in depth understanding of how it worked with their existing infrastructure. The solution was implemented in their offices in Hong Kong, New York and the last one in London.

Over the period of a month, they got to decide whether they wanted to implement the solution across the rest of their sites. Subject to satisfactory completion, they moved forward with this and they now use it across all of their locations.