Securing a market leader's position through uncompromising protection.

Delivering multi-layered security whilst maintaining functionality.


Business needs

To maintain its leading position in the UK & Ireland, RS Connect needed a robust solution that worked alongside their current working practices delivering the perfect mix of security & functionality.

Business results

Providing a joined-up security solution ensuring that RS Connect is fully protected, with a multi-layered approach to deliver a zero infected status following solution implementation.

RS Connect are the leading provider of telematics to insurers in the UK. With an installation fleet covering the UK & Ireland, the business uses its skilled workforce to deliver in excess of 2000 fits per day. Processing and handling this vast quantity of client data means that their back-office security must be leading edge to ensure GDPR compliance and maintain consumer trust.

Working alongside the in-house team, Babble were given a simple brief – secure everything. This included locally held data and information being accessed by the business’ 400 endpoints throughout the UK & Ireland. RS Connect wanted a joined-up security solution that allowed them to focus on their core business whilst also ensuring the safety of their clients’ data.

No compromises

Our solution ensures all devices are protected and automatically updated daily, regardless of location. All in-house systems are managed and monitored to provide up-to-the-second information about their health and ability to carry out daily tasks. In the event of a security issue, a device is automatically disconnected from the network to isolate the risk from the rest of the environment. Babble works alongside the in-house team to resolve any and all issues swiftly.