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Secret Escapes are a British travel company that provide heavily discounted, luxury hotel stays and holidays through its website and mobile app. The company, is recognised as one of the UK’s largest online travel providers, as well as operating in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States.

Secret Escapes presented us with a connectivity requirement for a handful of employees in their new office. As the business started to grow, together we recognised several challenges the business would face due to plans to expand multi-nationally.

Seamless integration

We decided that the perfect solution to support Secret Escapes would be a cloud based Five9 Contact Centre; they also needed this solution to integrate well with their heavily customised Salesforce environment. The software Five9 provide, operates within Salesforce, which means that call controls and recordings can be done using the CRM, which dramatically reduced the need for staff training on a new system.

Flexibility and scalability

Since deploying this solution, Secret Escapes have expanded their contact centre and the tools used within it. Their existing seats are now scalable, which allows for an increase or decrease in agents at any given time, depending on the business needs, which is ideal for a business that wants to expand and manage costs.

Advanced technology

At Babble we understand that for some companies; one size cannot always fit all. Secret Escapes already had a contact centre solution in place that we fitted for them in 2015 that was still in contract, however, because of their needs for flexibility and scalability, they had outgrown their current solution.

After discussions with the customer, we concluded that Five9 would be the best fit. Although Secret Escapes were still in contract with their older solution, it’s important to us that we’re always sourcing the best technology. We invariably support our customers with moving to a more advanced and advantageous platform.

Our relationship with Secret Escapes started over ten years ago and it’s developed into a trusted partnership over the years. It’s been amazing to have played a part in the seamless growth of this company.