The move to CCaaS is inevitable. So what are the benefits?

The cloud conversation is not a new one; you’ve been told everything is moving to it and you must move with it. When it comes to your contact centre, choosing CCaaS is imperative for your business going forward.   Here are the top 10 benefits put simply:  Opex vs. Capex – This is the one everyone understands. Premises based […]

Service is emotional. Technology is not.

In our constant drive towards innovation, we sometimes forget what business is really about: providing an exceptional customer experience and making a profit. And rather than pushing the latest technology, emotion is the main driver for business. We need to ensure that business stays human so that profits stay high. To do so, we must tap into our natural empathy to motivate more emotionally desirable experiences […]

Without trust there are no transactions.

Creating positive, enjoyable and personal journeys for your customers will make you money.  Fantastic customer experiences create the one outcome that all businesses really want, but can never talk about. The same as every business on the planet; to make as much money as possible for their stakeholders. Every activity a business undertakes will have been subject to the same […]

Empowering your agents with seamless technology – The sky’s the limit.

We believe that employee wellbeing matters just as much, if not more, than customer experience, and so does Richard Branson. Contact centre industry publication, Contact Centre Helper surveyed their readers last month to establish what they believed were the most valuable contact centre reporting metrics and 62% responded with ‘agent satisfaction’. The word ‘satisfaction’ itself […]

Moments over material – why selling experiences is the new reality for businesses.

Why are we creating experience-centric environments? What is the number one purpose of any business? According to economist Milton Friedman, the main purpose of a business is to ‘maximize profits for its owners’. Others contend that a business’s principal purpose is to serve the interests of a larger group of stakeholders, including employees, customers, and […]

Creating a personalised experience as Five9’s Top EMEA Partner 2019.

Last week our CEO, Matthew Parker and Babble Contact Managing Director, Mark Jordan travelled across the pond to Las Vegas to attend the annual Five9 CX Summit. We are delighted to share that they returned with the prestigious award of “Top EMEA Partner 2019” the premier accolade for Five9 partners outside of the US. Since […]

Marginal Gains that transform your contact centre and customer experience.

Small changes can deliver major improvement Customer experience is the new battleground for success in today’s highly competitive markets. Technology vendors will often tell you that winning that battle requires an expensive overhaul of technology in your contact centre, including your on-prem technology. However, we’ve found that a longer-term strategy of zooming in on a […]

Omnichannel CX design.

The importance of engaged and empowered cross-functional teams Consumers’ disparate experiences with organisations are becoming far too common. Organisations need to change their approach to customer experience from being channel specific, and focus on consistency of service via integrated customer journeys. A case in point is when a consumer needs urgent written information from a […]