Cutting through the bullshit

Creating positive, enjoyable and personal experiences for your employees and customers will make you money. Fantastic experiences create the one outcome that all businesses really want, but can never talk about. The same as every business on the planet; To make as much money as possible for their stakeholders. Every activity or project a business […]

The value of customer loyalty at times of crisis

Covid has brought about sweeping changes across all industries. Whether for better or worse, these changes are forcing a reset, providing an opportunity for businesses to emerge in a much stronger position. At a time when the world is rife with uncertainty, it has never been more important for businesses to assess how they’re operating. […]

How to ensure cloud security

Cybersecurity is not a new challenge for business. However, the rapid shift to remote working during the pandemic exposed many businesses, making them more vulnerable to attack as employees utilise different access procedures and devices from home. It has never been more important for business leaders to protect their clients’ and employees’ data. A large […]

Cybersecurity and the ‘next normal’

Ways of working have been transformed and much more is required to raise employees’ awareness of potential cyber threats and personal responsibility whilst working at home.

Working from home devices

The Covid-19 pandemic has ushered in a ‘working from home’ revolution and remote access now needs to be as easy as possible for employees.

Death to (IP) Solutions – we are learning to Babble.

IP Solutions has changed, we are now Babble. Or more precisely, IP Solutions UK Limited is now called Babble Cloud Limited. I thought I would share a bit of background on why we’ve changed as this was a very personal project for me. Coming up with a new name always seems like a fun project […]