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Joining Up Healthcare

The value of healthcare organisations working together in PCNs, merged groups or as IUCs is only truly gained when it results in a seamless service for patients, and operational efficiencies. Sesui’s delivering this for healthcare providers, by connecting all the elements under a single cloud solution for slicker multi-surgery and multi-provider communications.

Delivering A Joined-Up Service

Watch how Sesui supports practices, and organisations across primary care in working together.

Understand patient demand and plan proactively

You know how many calls your practice telephone system receives each day, but do you know how many patients never get through? Sesui can show you the complete picture, giving you a full understanding of patient demands, including the number of calls received, peak call times and the average time taken to answer.

We can also provide this information in real-time, so you can quickly flex your resourcing when you need to.

Multi-Practice, Multi-Surgery Communications

A common frustration for patients is when they call their GP Practice, wait patiently to be answered, only to then be told they need to dial a different number. It’s an integrated service that’s disconnected by its communication system.

We help PCNs, merged practices and healthcare communities to not just connect in principle, but to connect in practice. We link each telephone system, and SMS service together in the Sesui cloud, ensuring that every patient, clinician and service are connected through a single, multi-surgery communications platform.

Opening Up Possibilities

Uniting services with a common communications platform opens up endless possibilities to respond to growing patient demands and to provide more integrated care.

With Sesui Call Manager for Healthcare we allow resources to be shared between practices and physical locations. We help migrate healthcare from a siloed approach, to a truly patient-focused approach, at every stage of their journey.

Gain Insights Into Patient Needs

Sometimes the best way to view the patient experience, is to step back and look at the big picture. That’s often easier said than done, when each surgery or provider only has sight of their own service. By bringing everyone onto our single, integrated communications platform, we can provide that holistic view, with reporting insights that show how many calls went unanswered, how many calls are escalating from triage to clinicians, or how many calls to GPs would have been better served by a different service.