Respond to Patient Demand

Sesui Practice Connect enables you to respond to increasing patient demand across all the resources available to you, rather than solely resting with the individual practices. Where appropriate you are able to automatically overflow calls across sites and resource pools during peak times based on the rules you define. You can deliver extended and out of hours services, with the ability to automatically route calls to the appropriate resource based on date and time. Ideally suited if sites are closed on a planned or unplanned basis to continuing to provide services to patients from other sites.

Responding to Patient Calls

Watch how Sesui Practice Connect improves the patient experience by applying our smart cloud technology to GP practice phone systems.

Intelligent Call Routing

We’re able to understand the nature of each call before it’s even been answered. With all calls managed through the Sesui private cloud, you can prioritise critical incoming calls and ensure they’re answered faster. Our smart call routing also means that rather than waiting in a queue, we can direct a patient call exactly where it needs to go.

This dramatically improves the patient experience, ensuring they’re quickly connected to the right person, whilst relieving the bottleneck on reception and the surgery switchboard.

Answering Every Call

Your calls are answered in the Sesui Private Cloud, so you never run out of lines and patients never hear an engaged tone. Patients get the option to select the services they need, and are kept informed of where they are in the queue. And when it’s busy, we help patients by telling them the best time to call back.

They’ll see a noticeable difference in service, with calls being answered promptly and professionally, while relieving the pressures on your reception team.

Understanding Patient Demand

Don’t just understand how many calls your practice receives each day, but get to know how many patients never get through. We can show you the complete picture, giving you a full understanding of patient demands, including the number of calls received, peak call times and the average time you take to answer.

What’s more, we can provide this information in real-time, so you can quickly flex your resourcing when you need to.