The webinar has been postponed.

In light of recent events around COVID-19, we’ve decided to postpone our ‘insider threats’ webinar until further notice.
We will be rescheduling within the next week and will be sure to send out updates accordingly.

Cybersecurity’s neglected threat - The people inside your business.

Attackers are shifting their attention from infrastructure to applications and the people who use them.  

Whilst external threats from cyber criminals are often the focus of security budgets, in reality it is internal threats that are most likely to lead to compromised defences – Especially as our working environments continue to change and become more flexible.

  • 68% of organisations are extremely vulnerable to insider attacks
  • There’s been a 73% increase in insider attacks over the last two years

What will be covered:

• What are insider threats?

• Understanding the four types of insiders; a malicious insider, a careless insider, a compromised insider  and the abusive insider.

• The steps you can take to protect your business from inside risks as well as external.

• Real life examples of the four dangerous insiders putting businesses like yours at immense risk.

Your speakers

At Mimecast, Callum enables the channel community to create effective Cyber  Resilience Frameworks by helping them understand the ever evolving threat landscape.

After several years of providing bespoke IT Consultancy for a wide range of customers, he joined Mimecast at the start of 2019 and now specialises in Cyber Consultancy.

Steve heads up Babble Cyber, our specialist CCaaS business, and is responsible for the strategy and day-to-day running of the operation.

Steve has been with Babble for over 14 years, and has been part of the incredible growth journey that has seen us enter the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 as the UK’s fastest growing Cloud provider and win numerous awards.