Building a smarter business through contact centre analytics

Do you ever worry that your business isn’t running as well as it could? Perhaps you lack the insight you need to make the right decisions, or maybe you’re unable to spot issues until it’s already too late.

You know just how important it is to keep your customers happy. As your business is stretched across a greater number of channels, being able to anticipate customer needs and act on any friction is more important than ever.

Of all the data sources available to your business, customer service is one of the richest and most functional. Every touch point your contact centre has with customers produces valuable data. Businesses know, at least on an intuitive level, that they could improve their ability to meet customer needs by using this data as a strategic resource, yet few are actually doing so.

With the right contact centre analytics technology in place, you can establish and act upon critical performance metrics that could unlock your business’s next leap in sales productivity.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure

Overseeing contact centre operations involves a delicate balance between maintaining customer satisfaction while also keeping costs to a minimum. This task is impossible without proper oversight into what’s happening in the centre. If you don’t know what your business is doing, you can’t tell if it’s achieving productivity or conversion goals.

Customer data, whether it be recorded calls, email, webchat transcriptions, or social interactions, is the kind of business intelligence that can fundamentally change how your business interacts with customers.

Using advances in data collection and call analysis allows you to put quantitative and qualitative metrics in place that could radically improve the call centre experience for customers and provide valuable insight for your business.

Putting data to work for better decision making

Gaining visibility to data is one thing, but making it part of how you run your business is where you see the true value. Contact centre analytics tools can show you what is going well and where you need to focus resources to improve your customer experience. You can use this data for quality scoring and to spot significant trends and patterns that influence business decisions.

This includes insight into how you are serving your customers across sites and locations, what core things are impacting their experience, and how you can improve your agents’ performance through targeted training or improving processes. 

Proactively addressing issues

The insights from your contact centre analytics can also be used to help improve service quality. Using modelling techniques, businesses can identify potential inefficiencies, such as the frequency of bottlenecks, unnecessary transfers and repeat calls, and take the necessary steps to iron out processes.

These techniques can also be used to help identify nascent issues on social media in order to better equip agents to handle customer complaints and avert more serious reputational damage. 

How to get started

Are you using your contact centre data to its full potential, or are you letting opportunities to better understand your customers and how well you’re serving them go to waste?

Businesses that don’t have any call analytics in place should start by developing a checklist of what they think they need to measure, and then score how different solutions meet their requirements in order to find the best fit for your business.

If you find the options overwhelming, babble cloud can be your trusted partner, helping you to identify and capitalise on opportunities to become a smarter business by better understanding your customers and evolving your products and services to match their needs.

Do you have a system of call analytics in place? Contact us to find out what solution would work best for your business.


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