How contact centre analytics can help support better staff performance

By: Yaz Mistry

What do your customers think when they hear your name? Do they think of your brand as a personal and long-term relationship, or are you merely a service provider who’ll be replaced as soon as a better offer comes along?

The gap between these two perceptions might not be as far apart as you’d think, yet they have massive implications for your company’s future. Customers want to feel like you care. Like they’re more than just a number to you. Yet, time and time again businesses fail to bridge this gap, making their customers feel like strangers in their every interaction.

Giving your customer relations a personal touch need not be such a stretch for your business. Capturing data from your contact centre operations can help you understand your customers better, and give you real insight into the performance of your agents and processes to see how your customers are being served across all channels.

Connecting CRM and customer service

There are few things more frustrating than contacting a business with an enquiry only to be cattle-prodded through their customer service process. But what if instead the agent shows some understanding of your problem? Maybe they immediately notice that you’re a new customer, or reference a previous conversation you had with one of their colleagues. They might even alert you to a benefit that you’re eligible for and weren’t even aware of.

These little personal touches are made possible by having your CRM integrated with your contact centre operations to make sure that all relevant customer data is captured and turned into something that makes the customer feel like you’re on their side.

Identifying staff training needs

To turn your contact centre agents into customer service superstars, you have to give them the right support. The insights you gain from your contact centre analytics can be used to better train agents and to improve call-handling processes. The tools also allow the data to be expressed visually, helping call centre managers to make more informed choices on any perceived service gaps.

Tracking qualitative data also allows managers to identify the soft skills required to deliver excellent customer outcomes. For example, you may find that agents with good listening skills, or the ability to show empathy, have a positive correlation to customer satisfaction.

Creating a culture of self-improvement

While contact centre managers have an obligation to seek training and coaching opportunities for customer service agents, it is also important to encourage staff to seek their own professional development.

Collecting a making performance data readily accessible allows agents to evaluate their own performance. This means that they can decide what they need to do to improve the quality of the experience they deliver, as well as provide the motivation to surpass their peers’ performance.

Finding what the customer wants

Sales isn’t all about you. Customers interact with your brand because they’re interested in your products and services. It’s therefore imperative that you help customers find these services as quickly and seamlessly as possible, along with any special offers available to them. Using analytics from calls and other communications can help identify new or underappreciated sales streams through your everyday interactions with customers.

While multiple routes may achieve a successful outcome, analytics can help identify the best-practice method that delivers the best customer satisfaction or loyalty score. For example, you may find that contacting customers at a certain stage in their sales cycle or directing them to a particular informational resource yields greater sales growth and more positive customer feedback and reviews.

Is your business using contact centre data to nail customer service?

If you aren’t tracking the needs of your customers and measuring the performance of your contact centre agents, then you’re blindsided as to how you can improve. A comprehensive call analytics solution could dramatically improve your caller experience, providing the personal touch that can fundamentally strengthen your business’s future.

Contact us to find out how a contact centre analytics solution could help your business.



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