Guoman Hotels: We saw a better reception for everyone.

When a leading UK hotel group looked to change their contact centre platform – we didn’t just see a technology refresh, we saw a way to transform the customer experience.

To Guoman, the guest experience is everything.
This goes beyond ensuring a relaxing and comfortable ambience and involves delivering exceptional service from the moment the customer makes their initial enquiry.

“The contact centre is the first point of contact that the customer has with our brand; we wanted to ensure this was the best possible experience, every time.”


When we were asked by Guoman to review their contact centre, we found a centralised function providing an efficient and competent booking service. What we saw, was an opportunity to virtualise this service connecting customers to agents that were based in the hotel locations with the added value of knowledge of the local area.


To enable the virtualisation of call handling, babble cloud migrated Guoman off their premise-based PBX system onto a cloud-based contact centre solution. This removed the need to have all of the agents in a central location and enabled Thistle to achieve their goal of having calls answered by local people in each hotel.

As part of the contact centre solution we implemented skill-based routing to ensure that each call was directed to the most appropriate agent for that call. The routing rules had two dimensions: location and the required service.

For example, if someone was calling to book a meeting room in the Poole Hotel, the call would be routed directly to an agent in the conferencing team situated within the Poole Hotel.

The solution also looked to improve the overall customer experience by utilising voice menus to assist routing and passing key details directly into Guoman’s CRM via CTI. In terms of management, comprehensive reporting and analytics provides insight into call volumes, call patterns and how well Thistle are responding to their customers. This is complemented with call recording to allow Guoman to continually monitor and improve the customer experience.


“My fear around reduced visibility disappeared when I saw the real- time monitoring capabilities of the solution. We not only have full visibility, we now deliver a much more impressive customer experience.”

By moving to a virtualised contact centre environment, Guoman have been able to improve both their first impression and service level to
their customers. By routing every call to the most appropriate agent, customers now receive a much more personal experience leveraging local expertise and everyone has benefited from a significant increase in first call resolution.

Through enhanced reporting and real-time monitoring, Guoman now has far greater insight into their customer interactions with customers and are able to fully understand the end-to-end experience.

“Moving to a cloud based virtual contact centre has not only helped us improve our levels of customer service, we’ve also saved in excess of £500,000 per month which we’re putting into other customer focused initiatives.”

In addition to the cost savings of decentralising call handling, Guoman’s IT function has also benefited from the migration to a cloud based platform seeing a reduction in day to day management and far greater agility in responding to changes in the business.

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Guoman Case Study

Guoman Hotels: We saw a better reception for everyone.

When a leading UK hotel group looked to change their contact centre platform – we didn’t just see a technology...