Oak Furniture Land: We saw an opportunity for more clicks and bricks

When one of the UK’s fastest growing retailers ran out of capacity on their current phone system – we didn’t see more lines and handsets, we saw more flexibility, more insight and an even better customer experience.

Oak Furniture Land is one of the UK’s most successful retailers and a perfect example of the world of clicks to bricks. When they came to see us for the first time, they had rapidly grown to just over 40 branches across the UK. This had caused them to outgrow their current phone system and they were concerned that this would soon compromise their customer service.

“Growth is a key driver for our business, but even more important is being true to our customers and delivering the level of service that they deserve.”


The obvious solution was a bigger system, however, you sometimes have to look beyond the obvious
 to find the brilliant. By listening closely to their growth plans we saw that the decision about what to do next had to achieve two goals – a solution that would give them the agility they need to support their ambitious growth plans, but also one that enhanced their customer service ethos. Looking even further forward we saw an opportunity to improve their customer experience further.


Hosted Telephony was the perfect solution for Oak Furniture Land. It could meet their capacity needs on day one with the knowledge that it could easily scale in line with their business. It also provided them with the central control and management they were looking for without restricting where geographically each call was delivered.

Reporting & Analytics provided the insight that was needed in truly understanding the demands on the business and improve the customer experience. It enabled them to understand the volume and types of calls they were receiving and more importantly, the ability to identify patterns in call traffic across each day, week, month and seasons. As a result, with clear and intuitive reporting, Oak Furniture Land could align staff and skills to reduce customer wait times, abandoned calls and call durations.
Recording added a new dimension to ensuring
that the right service was delivered to each and every customer. As a business grows, having the tools in place to monitor quality is key and call recording enables Oak Furniture Land to not only assess the quality of customer interactions but also learn from each interaction to further train and coach their staff.


“By focusing on what was important to us as a business babble have not just delivered a new phone system, but have added significant value to our business.”

Since deploying Hosted Telephony from babble cloud, Oak Furniture Land has continued to grow at an impressive rate, doubling their size. They now have over 1,000 employees, 80 sites and are part of The Sunday Times Fast Track 100; the prestigious league tables of the fastest growing companies in the UK.

The Hosted Telephony platform has not just made it possible to grow at this pace, but actually made it incredibly easy to grow, whether that be a new employee or a new store.

“The insight into customer interactions we now have is incredibly valuable. It is no longer about reacting to customer demands; it is about predicting when they will call and being ready to deliver great customer service.”

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