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Small changes can deliver major improvement 

Customer experience is the new battleground for success in today’s highly competitive markets. Technology vendors will often tell you that winning that battle requires an expensive overhaul of technology in your contact centre, including your on-prem technology. However, we’ve found that a longer-term strategy of zooming-in on a series of small improvements can help you improve your customers experience and stay ahead of competitors. 

This can be achieved by adopting a mindset of making small changes across your business. These small changes can then result in a number of marginal gains that can deliver transformational results when all combined. Successful customer experience is the sum of the small interactions a customer has with a business. It’s the little things like the chocolate on the customer’s hotel pillow, sending a timely appointment reminder, having sight of purchase history, preferences as you answer your customer’s call, or automatically routing your high-value customers to the front of the queue.

This  ‘marginal gains’ mindset of perfecting and optimising all the small things, is helping businesses deliver expert customer experience levels, without replacing their entire infrastructure. Here are a few inspirational examples of how marginal gains can deliver major results:

Virginia Mason Hospital, located in Seattle, USA, implemented a series of improvements to its internal reporting culture, which resulted in a huge increase in staff productivity and a 74% reduction in liability premiums paid to insurers. The hospital encouraged staff to file reports when anything went wrong, prevented medical errors by changing labelling on drugs, improved the design of surgical equipment and added text to colour-coded patient wristbands to ease identification for all staff. These small, incremental changes have seen the hospital become one of the safest in the world.

The world’s most innovative businesses already use marginal gains to improve their services. Back in 2014, Google discovered that lightening the shade of blue on advertising links in Gmail and Google Search increased the number of click-throughs. The business tested 41 shades of blue to see which performed best, and ultimately, this marginal change earned Google an extra $200m in advertising revenue.

In 2001, Japanese student Takeru Kobayashi, approached the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest with a remarkable marginal gains mindset. Rather than the standard approach of scoffing as many hot dogs as possible as quickly as possible, Kobayashi snapped them in half and trialled various chewing and swallowing techniques. This approach saw him almost double the world record by eating an incredible 50 hot dogs in 12 minutes.

Marginal gains that transform your contact centre and customer experience.

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