Microsoft Teams and how we can help

Microsoft Teams is not a new product, but there’s still quite a bit of confusion about what it is, and how it fits in. Some people think that it is just a chat app. Some think that it’s just an upgraded version of Skype for Business. The truth is that Microsoft Teams is an extremely powerful application that can be used to enhance teamwork through enriched collaboration and communication.

  • Share and collaborate on files with colleagues and external contacts
  • A single communications hub for instant messages and voice & video calls with internal and external contacts
  • Activate telephony features allowing home workers to make and take calls

It’s and application built from scratch with the modern workplace in mind. This also means that Microsoft Teams introduces a new work behavior, that many people – especially those that are used to email – might find difficult.

How we can help

If you don’t yet have access, we’ll give it you for 9 months, no charge. If you do but don’t know where to start, we’ll help you setup and get the most out of it.

For those more advanced: We can turn Teams into your phone system

By adding our own business grade voice and feature set, Teams can seamlessly become an all singing, all dancing phone system, with the benefits of cloud.

This is simple to do and comes with a very attractive incentive package.

Thanks, you will receive more information on our Microsoft Teams services shortly.