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We have already aligned our activities to the UK Government Guideline on COVID – 19, including recommendations for self-isolation. You can find the guidelines here.

Business Continuity plans are in place, and our flexible working policies mean there should be minimal disruption to the business, and we will continue to monitor the situation.

An internal working group has been established across the business to monitor and respond to the ongoing situation. This ensures that we are aware of the impact to the business and can respond quickly as the situation develops.

Specifically in the UK, we have made investments in our technology infrastructure and business continuity planning to ensure we can operate all our systems and processes remotely with no interruption to normal service levels. This will ensure we’re able to provide you with seamless service should our employees need to work remotely (e.g., due to self-isolation, school closures, etc.) or should we decide to close any offices and/or switch to a remote working model.  Over the past two weeks, we have extensively tested our business continuity strategies to confirm we can provide ‘business as usual’ should our entire workforce need to work remotely.

We have two keys concerns arising out of the Covid-19 pandemic: firstly the health and safety of our staff, and secondly the delivery of our services to our customers.

Employee safety
We are currently following government advice, as government advice changes, or if we consider it prudent to do so, we have a fully thought-through plan to roll out homeworking in a considered and secure manner.

Further to this, we will be restricting any non-essential meetings and may therefore not be out and about or inviting customers into the office as normal. 

Service continuation
As technology business we have previously undertaken significant risk planning and investment in the tech required for secure remote working. In the light of recent events, we have tested this and confirmed that all of our employees are able to work as normal from home indefinitely if the situation required it. This includes all infrastructure management and data security management, as well as our customer support and sales functions.

Due to our technical planning, we are very confident that we can continue to achieve this without any deterioration in service to our customers.