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Babble has partnered with CLEO Systems, integrating a range of cloud communication solutions into their patient management system, CLEO CORE, to ensure fast and efficient patient support.

Babble has a long history supporting the healthcare sector which was strengthened by the acquisition of Sesui in April 2021 with their Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) offering and strong portfolio of NHS and Urgent healthcare providers.

Babble is also connected to the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN), supporting their collaboration with healthcare providers to help deliver the best patient care. Through a range of leading cloud-based technology solutions, Babble can increase efficiencies and resource and improve productivity and care for many healthcare organisations.

CLEO CORE supports Integrated Urgent Care providers to deliver healthcare services in a variety of out-of-hospital settings across the South, East and North of England. Babble partnered with the team in early 2021 to integrate a video consultation solution in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling users to provide access to remote video consultations quickly and easily, wherever they may be.

After the successful integration, Babble worked to integrate other elements of our telephony and enabling software, enhancing communication methods and ensuring all solutions are accessible in one place and don’t require third party devices for access. These projects ensured our core goal was achieved, to enhance and streamline communication processes CLEO’s customers.

David Brown, Managing Director of CLEO Systems, said, “Working with Babble means we are able to enhance the patient journey. CLEO CORE is the only browser based clinical workflow system and we are proud that our software is so flexible and easy to integrate with.”

Manveer Mangat, Technical Director at Babble, said. “We have worked with the NHS for over 15 years and understand how our communication tools can help real-world challenges facing primary and urgent care. This relationship and integration were a real meeting of minds as both companies work for the good of patients.”

For more advice on how Babble can improve your customer experience through cloud technology, please get in touch with our team.