Run out of hiding places?

Stop hiding from your old telephony

The 1970s called; they want their phone systems back

When we’re all walking around with mobile phones in our pockets, it seems bizarre that businesses still operate and rely on on-premise tools and technology.

Most businesses have realised the benefits of hosting their phone system in the cloud – using it to boost productivity, overall business agility and introduce new functionality.

However, some still rely on traditional Private Branch eXchange (PBX) systems, limiting their potential and imposing unnecessary restrictions on their teams.

The 1970s called; they want their phone systems back. If your business hasn’t yet caught up with the times, we’re here to explain how you can harness cloud-based solutions to bring your business operations up to date.



Tech in ten: Reasons to host your telephony in the cloud

  1. Improve business agility

Allow your colleagues to work anytime, anywhere. Have confidence that, whatever happens, your business is ready and able to step into action. When you adopt an agile way of working, you’ll be ready for anything.

  1. Be flexible

There is a myriad of optional plug-in features to improve both your customer and employee experiences – call reporting, call recording, video… simply add and start paying for the bells and whistles when you need them.

  1. Enhance employee wellbeing

Most people enjoy working flexibly so work around life, work anywhere, and don’t be constrained by telephone lines.

  1. Boost profitability

Working from one intelligent desktop interface allows employees to work more efficiently. Give them the right tools to do their best work with additional communications tech such as instant messaging.   

  1. Be more resilient and prepare for the unknown

Ensure maximum business resilience by avoiding traditional hardware and telephone line faults. Easily work around the unexpected with the flexibility of work-anywhere tech.

  1. Be budget savvy

No maintenance costs and no need to renew or upgrade when technologies change. Cloud telephony minimises capital expenditure and unlike your outdated PBX systems, it won’t need replacing, ever.

  1. Prioritise scalable solutions

As your business grows, so does your cloud solution. An operational expenditure model means you simply pay per person, per month, ensuring super straightforward budgeting.

  1. Simplify

Don’t baffle your team with technical jargon. Cloud telephony is remarkably quick to learn and simple to use, just like many of the other communications apps we all know and love.   

  1. Partner well   

When you work with one cloud solution partner, you’ll have a single point of responsibility covering everything from cloud telephony to cloud security.

  1. Be ready for the analogue world to be switched off

The old-fashioned telephone lines used by old fashioned PBXs are going to be switched off. Not upgrading to digital simply isn’t an option.

Turn your standard collaboration hub into an all purpose digital workplace with a full feature telephone system.

  1. A single solution for your business that joins your collaboration, communication and connectivity together
  2. Creates the best environment and experience for your employees and customers
  3. Brings scale, access, reliability and agility to your business




It’s time to move your telephony to the cloud.

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The leading motor finance and technology provider Evolution Funding needed a cutting-edge contact centre solution that would increase efficiency, service levels and profitability. Implementing a UCaaS and CCaaS solution allowed all employees to work remotely. Introducing agile working not only helped to enhance workplace wellbeing, but also resulted in a sharp rise in productivity.