How Babble's solution brought business resilience

When it moved its London office location, The Brightstar Group needed a solution to futureproof its telephony platform.

Babble recommended that a hosted solution was implemented at the new premises, before being rolled out across the entire estate, which would enable calls to be transferred between locations free of charge.

Babble has also implemented dedicated internet connections at each location, provided call data and recording facilities and introduced mobile twinning applications so that each telephony user can work from home or remote locations whilst staying connected to the telephone system.

At a time when business resilience has never been more important, Babble’s solution provides The Brightstar Group with added disaster recovery procedures, allowing calls to be re-routed to different offices or to individual mobile users, protecting the business from downtime in case of any emergency.

In addition, productivity at The Brightstar Group has increased with 100% of calls covered by the new remote, call recorded and audited system, compared to before lockdown.

• 100% of calls covered by the new system

• A dramatic increase in productivity reported

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