We equipped Kiely Bros to thrive in the new world of work

Allowing staff to work how they needed to with a new approach to technology deployment.

With a Birmingham head office and four other regional sites across the country, Kiely Bros found that its aging physical network was hindering productivity for its 150 staff. They needed a more resilient solution. After 10 successful years working for the leading carriageway and footway surface treatment providers, and ahead of the impending lockdown in March 2020, Babble proposed taking Kiely Bros’ on-premise environment and transporting it to the cloud – equipping the business for the new world of work.

The migration to the cloud for Kiely Bros was completed with the implementation of a full cloud telephone solution harnessing the power of Microsoft Teams. The solution enabled users to work from any location in a secure and effectively managed way, whilst still retaining their local numbers. Utilising the Microsoft Teams apps on mobile devices delivered further flexibility for users, providing an ‘always available’ solution that would allow for data sharing, chat, voice and video calling – all supported and managed by the Babble team.

The new environment was one that was more reliable and futureproofed. If the primary system failed – which provided all email, file access and application control – the secondary, cloud-based mirror image system would automatically kick in. Removing any single points of failure from within the business meant the team could always connect when they needed to – enabling up to 150 people to access emails, data and files anywhere in the world. Taking only five weeks to implement from start to finish, the solution provided organisational resilience and has resulted in a more streamlined working practice at the company, with no downtime experienced by the workforce.

Kiely Bros’ commitment to the relationship with Babble is evidently clear. With Cyber, Telephony, Connectivity and Mobile all managed by the service provider, the relationship is continuing to grow from strength to strength.

• 150 members of staff able to work from anywhere in the world

• Whole process completed in only five weeks

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