Ready for a whole new market?

You need a technology platform to allow you to pivot when needed.

1) How to make your business ready for anything

So many of us kicked off last year thinking we had our plans nailed, but if there is one thing this past year has taught us, it’s that resilience is everything and plans need to be more “fleet of foot” than ever.

Change is coming, it always was.

2) Hitting reset: Business reimagined

Planning for a future that looks like the present is the worst mistake you can make. Babble is in the business of protecting our customers from change, with cloud-based tech that makes them agile, resilient and cost-efficient.

The transformed world of work is affecting all of us but even as we get used to it, we could be sleepwalking into the next big disruption. 

3) Ready for anything: Create a market leading working environment to enable your business resilience

Organisations are realising the need to create sustainable workplaces that accelerate teamwork, ensure secure and seamless collaboration, and a connected customer experience (CX)… wherever you need to work from – The office, home, coffee shop or park.

4) Ready for anything: Keeping your customer service up when the world goes down

Your contact centre is mission critical to your business. Any downtime directly impacts your bottom line and, more importantly, affects your customers’ ability to reach out to your company.

When disruption happens, customers need to be able to connect with you.

5) Ready for anything: Be stronger with proactive cybersecurity

Take steps for a more flexible and secure future.

Cyberattackers are preying on the susceptibility of newly remote workers by offering lures and traps that imitate credible sources.

6) Cutting through the bullshit

Fantastic experiences create the one outcome that all businesses really want, but can never talk about.

The same as every business on the planet; To make as much money as possible for their stakeholders.