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The best ways to protect your business from cyber threats in 2021

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Cyber-attacks don’t just happen to large corporations. Any business can fall foul of cyber-crime, but the best way to protect your business against attack is to be prepared. Here’s the heads-up on some of the biggest cyber threats to look out for so far this year and how to prevent them. 

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to security

Think about house security. We all have locks on our doors and most will have window locks, too. But how about gated entry, an alarm system, window bars or a video doorbell? We all use varying degrees of security to protect ourselves depending on our perceived level of risk. The same methodology should be used when considering cybersecurity. A business with thousands of employees accessing data via different devices will have completely different risks to those of one person using a private laptop to access basic documents. 

When it comes to cybersecurity, there are several different combinations of technology and techniques you can use to protect your organisation’s data. The problem for most businesses is discovering where best to focus their spend. Working with specialist partners, such as Babble, simplifies the process, offering expert business insight into the cybersecurity solutions you ought to consider.

Outmanoeuvre uncertainty

Cyberattackers are preying on the susceptibility of newly remote workers by offering lures and traps that imitate credible sources. Security Operations Centres need to tap into tactical, operational and strategic threat intelligence to identify trends and technologies that threaten business continuity.

Our cybersecurity report details the challenges, threats and opportunities facing businesses, as well as how security leaders can reimagine their strategy and technologies from the ground up.

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