The 70s want their tech back: let’s bring healthcare into the 21st century 

The UK’s healthcare sector is huge. The NHS is the largest employer in Europe with around 1.3 million full time staff. And that’s before we even account for private organisations which treat over one million patients in the UK each year.   The supporting infrastructure is simply massive, but it’s disjointed, cumbersome and vulnerable. You only […]

Stack the technology odds in your favour

In today’s technology-driven world, being competitive means having a tech stack that will allow you to adapt to lightning-fast change. It’s a challenge that larger organisations can afford to throw serious resources at. Just last month, travel giant TUI announced a drive to recruit 1,500 people to its digital team. That’s a pretty major investment […]

Security awareness training: cybersecurity for humans

Human error is involved in more than 90% of breaches. And, in many cases, the very best security available won’t have helped in the slightest. It’s absolutely vital that employees are clear on the critical role they play in helping to prevent security incidents.

Using cloud-based communications to gain a competitive edge

The fastest growing, most efficient and resilient businesses usually have one thing in common – they have all implemented cloud-based technologies. From start-ups to large-scale corporations, the benefits of cloud-based communications are undeniable and offer organisations a competitive edge against others.  A new normal – adopting a hybrid model The past 12 months have made […]

Are you switched-on about the switch-off?

By the end of 2025, all phone lines will be switched off. Your business needs to be ready in plenty of time to minimise the impact. The best way to get prepared is to understand the need for change and embrace the transformation.