Today’s consumers demand a fantastic CX across every touchpoint, and in travel the customer journey is complex.

Babble helps ambitious companies implement a differentiating CX strategy through the effective deployment of the best technology that creates positive, enjoyable and personal experiences, for every one of your customers –

Making your business more successful, and ultimately more profitable.​

Travel Industry Overview

CX driving profitability

Creating a modern work environment

Cost reduction through tech

Secure travel

Travel Industry Overview

The travel sector is largely unaware of the potential of technology to transform business operations and customer experiences

Many businesses have individual services for different areas – opportunity for Babble to offer a single solution for the whole business

CX Driving Profitability

CX driving profitability

Creating a modern working environment

Today’s always connected, instant access environment has blurred the lines between the physical and digital workplace. In order to succeed in this new digital age, businesses need to promote communication and collaboration outside the physical office space. To achieve this, it is vital to have fast connectivity, an optimised network, and the tools to allow employees to work as they want to in an ever evolving environment.

Cost Reduction Through Tech

Spend less on physical hardware, greater uptime & business continuity in the event of a disaster, no issues of obsolescence, ahead of the curve Implementing technology helps businesses to reduce costs. Through the cloud, there will be less spent on physical hardware, greater uptime, and greater access to data from remote locations compared to older, on-premises systems.

Secure Travel

Cyberattacks are increasing every year in both frequency and severity. The price of a data breach extends beyond the potentially severe fines from GDPR – 7 in 10 consumers would stop doing business with a company involved in a cybersecurity incident. Less than a third of travel companies’ websites ahd