Azure Virtual Desktop

The Azure Virtual Desktop solution is seamlessly deployed, easy to manage, highly secure, and ensures a standardised desktop experiences for your whole organisation.

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Azure Virtual Desktop is a reliable solution that allows your organisation to access a virtual version of your company’s applications and documents at any time and from anywhere. Through Azure Consulting, our Microsoft-accredited experts will ensure that the process of migrating and onboarding your workforce onto the Azure Virtual Desktop solution is as seamless as possible. As a leading Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider for Azure, we are highly experienced and can offer tailored support to make sure you get the most from the solution.

Azure Virtual Desktop

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Standardised Desktop 

Azure Virtual Desktop enables your business to provide a remote, virtual desktop experience that is identical to the local desktop experience that your workforce is used to. Azure Hosting allows your users to transition to the virtual desktop without any discrepancy in experience or ease-of-use.

Seamless Experience

With Azure Virtual Desktop, each of your users can enjoy a standardised, desktop experience that is both consistent across all devices and persistent between sessions. This means users can easily pick up exactly where they left off during their last virtual session.

Simplified Remote Setup

Azure Virtual Desktop has a streamlined onboarding process that makes adding new users a breeze. In response to the increasing trend towards remote work, our expert solutions architects provide remote setup support, to make the transition seamless and hassle-free.

Key Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop is ideal for businesses looking to simplify their onboarding process and enable users to work more flexibly and embrace Hybrid Working.

High Performance

The performance of Azure Virtual Desktop is unmatched as it utilises the Microsoft Azure infrastructure. This ensures high-speed connectivity, low latency, and quick data processing. Azure is equipped to handle even the most demanding workloads with ease.

Complete Control Over Your Company Data

Backed up by Microsoft Azure’s cutting-edge cloud security, Azure Virtual Desktop provides a secure environment for your company data. You can manage and control who accesses your company's information, with a host of useful features to make remote data security a breeze.

Cost-Friendly Alternative

Azure Virtual Desktop is an accessible, cost-effective alternative to local desktops for businesses that have multiple locations. It is cloud-based, meaning the setup is easy to manage. Furthermore, our Azure specialists are always on hand to help with any maintenance.

Why Babble for Your Azure Virtual Desktop License?

Microsoft CSP

Babble is one of the UK’s leading Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partners. Our team of Azure architects and administrators are highly experienced and will ensure that you receive the best possible support for your Azure Virtual Desktop deployments.

Quick and Easy Migration

Migrating to Azure Virtual Desktop is speedy and straightforward, thanks to Babble's expert assistance. Your organisation's infrastructure will be securely hosted on Azure, and our support and guidance make the process even easier.

Account Management

Our excellent account managers make sure the service is optimised for your needs. All our customers are assigned a dedicated AM, who will make every effort to ensure the service you’re getting meets – and even exceeds - expectations.

Azure Virtual Desktop

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