Are you ready for the Analogue Switch Off?

The UK’s ISDN and PSTN network will switch off in 2025 and traditional landlines are heading to the cloud. 

Whilst 2025 has been marked as the end of the analogue switch off, that doesn’t mean your service won’t be retired sooner. 


Openreach are actively working through putting the exchanges of ISDN and PSTN into a phase known as Stop Sell, where you can no longer make any changes or upgrades to the existing service you have. 

Essentially, once your service is put into this ‘Stop Sell’ phase, it becomes static. Openreach will move all analogue exchanges into this phase during 2023. 

The next phase is to then move the exchange to End of Life, at which point your service, will cease to work. By 2025, all exchanges will be moved into their End of Life and anyone still operating on these networks will find their phone line or broadband service cut off. 

It's time to modernise

The ISDN and PSTN have been the UK’s primary communication networks for decades.

Once revolutionary, these ageing infrastructures are now severely out of date, relying on degrading copper telephone lines which can no longer compete with more advanced cloud solutions.

To embrace a fully digital future, Openreach have announced the Switch Off.

As part of the Switch Off, any phone lines, broadband and fax, alarm and lift lines connected to the End of Life networks will be retired.


not prepared for the Switch Off 


businesses still using PSTN lines 


exchanges already moved to Stop Sell


lines to be moved by 2025 

Switch Off Timeline

BT Openreach announces ISDN and PSTN Switch Off in 2025


BT Openreach strengthens the fibre network


Providers stop selling PSTN and ISDN products 


ISDN and PSTN networks are switched off


It's time to upgrade

Businesses need to take action against the Switch Off – but don’t panic and rip out your system tomorrow. 

Babble can help you build a cloud-based connectivity solution to keep your business connected and running as effectively as possible. 

Our hosted VoIP technologies enable you to make and receive calls over the internet and deliver collaboration using video calls, meetings and messaging, all on a reliable broadband connection. 

The benefits of moving to the cloud


Office, home or hybrid – technology should be able to empower, not prohibit. 


Quickly scale your phone system as your business grows, adding and configuring additional users easily. 


Mobile softphone integration, so you can take your phone system with you wherever you are, whenever you need it. 


Security and features regularly deployed by Babble will keep you secure and up to date. 

Predict costs 

Removes the need for costly reconfiguration and changes required with traditional on-premise systems. 


Read our latest blogs on the ISDN and PSTN Switch Off for more advice on what it means for your business and your options to upgrade. 

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