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Enhance your remote work experience with Babble’s Home Working Setup Services. Our comprehensive solutions, from telephony to cloud hosting, cater to all your needs, ensuring resilience and productivity.

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We offer a range of solutions and services to provide the best possible home working setup for your workforce. We make sure your teams have all the necessary resources at their disposal. Our offerings include modern work solutions, cloud hosting and remote IT support – everything you need to create productive and secure home working environments for your workforce.

We have enabled business continuity during challenging times and brought about resilience with our solutions. Our services cover the entire UK, and we are ready to help your organisation thrive no matter where you are based.

Home Working Setup

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Cloud Hosting Solutions

Babble’s home working setup includes robust cloud hosting services through our partnership with Microsoft. Your team always has access to necessary data and applications and ensures company security remains a number one priority.

Modern Work Solutions

We can help you procure and install the necessary productivity and collaboration solutions your workforce needs to operate remotely. In addition, we offer financing options to help organisations manage costs effectively.

IT Support

We provide remote IT support as a key feature of our service – ensuring that your workforce can always access support. Our IT service desk is always available, offering a smooth and uninterrupted remote working experience.

Key Benefits for Babble’s Home Working Services

At Babble, our services for setting up home working are designed to support businesses in the transition to efficient remote work practices. We have curated a suite of services that cater to the varying needs of home office environments.

Comprehensive Service Range

Our service range is designed to cover all aspects of your home working setup – from high-level needs like cloud hosting and security, to user-level needs such as productivity and collaboration solutions. These services ensure your teams are equipped with all the necessary tools for a productive and secure remote working environment.

Tailored Packages

We understand that every organisation has unique needs when it comes to remote work technology. That's why we offer different packages catering to different requirements. Whether your users just need a single device or a comprehensive workstation, our packages can help.

Security and Performance Optimisation

Having partnered with some of the leading security vendors in the UK, we are well-equipped to safeguard the integrity of your network, whilst optimising performance. Our partnerships with Microsoft, Acronis, and Sophos mean we can integrate our modern work solutions with industry-leading security.

Why Should You Choose Babble to Help You Setup Home Working?

Extensive Experience and Expertise

Babble has over a decade of experience in the cloud sector, and we have been recognised as one of the UK’s leading Microsoft Partners. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we offer personalised consulting on Modern Work and Infrastructure Azure, helping businesses optimise their environments.

Proven Track Record

Our track record is driven by our mission to deliver a local service at a national scale. We have welcomed over 20,000 customers across the UK to the Babble family, and our solutions have enabled continuity during times of crisis.

Commitment to Community and Sustainability

We are committed to being a force for good in the communities we engage with. This commitment extends to our clients, we strive to provide valuable, forward-thinking insights to help them make informed technology decisions.

Home Working Setup

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