Hosted Servers

Are you concerned about how to migrate your old on-premises server to Microsoft Azure Data Centre Hosted Servers? Maybe you’re interested in extending your current server to a new off-site server but don’t know how?

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If you are looking to migrate a server to a hosted environment or simply extend your network to include a new off-site server, we can help. Whether you’re looking to do this for additional application hosting, a backup domain controller, a file server, or an SQL server in the cloud, we’re on hand to plan and deliver this for you.

As a recognised Microsoft Solutions Partner for Infrastructure Azure services and having supported thousands of businesses with migrating to the cloud, we understand the intricacies of cloud-based hosting.

Hosted Servers

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Seamless Server Migration

Our approach includes provisioning an initial exploratory demo environment before planning a full migration of your data and services into the Azure hosted cloud. To weave your on-premise network into the cloud, we’ll work with you to scope requirements, provision servers, and integrate with your legacy environment.

Managed and Maintained Servers 

At Babble, we host thousands of servers through the trusted Microsoft Azure platform and have been doing so safely and effectively for many years. We understand the key factors to managing and maintaining a healthy hosted environment, meaning we can ensure each instance is configured relative to a specific customer’s requirements.

On-going Support 

Your server is important and should be managed correctly – the migration is one aspect but hosting the server is an ongoing and intricate process. Having the right IT Support Partner to do this for you and ensure your data is safely stored and being monitored in the right ways is something any business should look for.

Key Benefits for Hosted Servers

Our hosted servers exist to provide your business with uninterrupted service, secure data storage, and the flexibility to scale. They eliminate the need for on-site equipment, reducing costs and simplifying IT management for your business.

Ensures Data Security

By using Azure’s cloud solutions, we offer we offer a robust, secure hosted solution for your data. Azure's advanced data encryption methods, multi-factor authentication, and strict compliance certifications ensure that your data will always be secure. Moreover, our 24/7 monitoring ensures immediate response to potential threats, assuring your data's integrity and confidentiality.

Optimises System Performance

By utilising hosted servers, we maximise system performance through automated load balancing, resource allocation, and real-time monitoring. This ensures optimal server health and performance, reduced latency, and superior user experience, driving productivity and efficiency in your business operations.

Continuous Uptime

Babble ensures maximum uptime through Azure's robust infrastructure, bolstered by redundancy and disaster recovery protocols. This means your business operations can continue uninterrupted, even when unexpected events occur.

Best-in-class Support

We know that businesses are constantly looking for innovative ways to stay on top of technology advancements. As technology evolves, it’s clear businesses need to adapt quickly and proactively to remain ahead of the competition.  At Babble, we provide trusted IT support for businesses looking to be more agile and responsive.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we can provide tailored support to businesses of any shape, size or industry. We have a team of specialised experts who can work with any business to understand their specific needs and goals. We offer a variety of services, including:

  • Proactive monitoring of your IT systems 24/7 to identify and resolve potential problems.
  • Tried and tested support packages with a variety of pre-configured solution packages that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.
  • We offer a variety of training and support options, including remote support, cloud-based support, and on-site support.

Access Expert Services & Consultancy

By working with Babble, businesses can be confident that their IT systems are in good hands, and that they will be able to adapt quickly to change. Our 4 steps to a successful adoption plan ensure things happen quickly and seamlessly.

Integral to your adoption success is understanding your business’s unique goals and challenges. We work closely with stakeholders to ensure the plan is understood.

From creating and testing your unique hosted server to making the move, we’ll be there throughout the migration process to ensure there are minimal issues and downtime.

Each cloud server is created to be the perfect fit. We tailor each cloud server to your individual needs, then onboard them seamlessly to ensure a hassle-free experience.

We include post-migration support to ensure the adoption is successful and your people are taking full advantage of the new environment in the best ways.

Why Babble for Hosted Servers?

Adept Cloud Experts

Our wider team includes highly skilled and experienced Solution Architects who can consult with you and deploy test environments to help build the most impactful, tailored environment for hosting your data in Microsoft Azure.

Practical Monthly Cost

With a fixed monthly cost, Babble delivers multiple services and unparalleled support, eliminating surprise expenses. You benefit from predictable budgeting by focusing on core operations, all while enjoying top-tier cloud services and expert guidance.

Prioritising Your Goals

Our seasoned experts at Babble excel in crafting hosted servers that are specifically optimised for business growth. Their deep understanding of cloud technology and strategic planning strategies ensures servers are tailored to effectively support and enhance your business goals and operations.

Hosted Servers

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