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Talking Technology Ltd and Babble

Hello from Babble and welcome. If you’re wondering why we’re excited to meet you, it’s because Talking Technology Ltd is now part of the Babble family. The acquisition reinforces Babble’s commitment to South London adding additional scale, presence, capability and expertise. We think that change can be a great thing and a wonderful opportunity to achieve even more together.

We’re a leading technology business that is reimagining how we do work. Founded in 2001, Babble works with over 18,000 organisations in a wide range of sectors — including financial, health and education, travel and accommodation, and public services.

We believe in making next-generation technology that’s simple to use, deploy and manage. Giving people the tools they need to build the organisations they want. Agile, scalable and successful.

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Technology partners to ambitious businesses.

We make things as simple as possible while modernising your tech, so you can focus on your goals.


A business environment that underpins everything you do. Communication, collaboration & continuity.


Market leading CX – Enabling quality, positive, productive, and ultimately more profitable conversations.


Secure, scalable, connected. Best in class cyber solutions to keep your business running effectively.


Enabling your people to securely work on the move, with the device of your choice.