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Are you struggling to get timely IT Support from large, mainstream site hosts? Do you wish you could cut out the middleman with hosting your website or domain name system?

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Azure Web Apps is primarily built for hosting applications but equally, supports all major CMS services. Whether you’re looking to host a single page or an entire website, Azure is a highly scalable and agile environment.

The key benefit of placing your web hosting with us is that we take responsibility for monitoring and maintaining your environment, so you can focus on what you do best. Moreover, we monitor your Azure environment and if any technical issues arise, we work to resolve them immediately, sometimes before you’ve noticed an issue yourselves.

Website hosting

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DNS hosting alongside apps

With Babble, not only do you get top-tier web hosting, you also gain access to some of the most efficient DNS Hosted Servers available. This dual service ensures your applications are always accessible, reliable and fast, enhancing your user’s experience and your business performance.

Quick record updates 

Quick updates to DNS records are an essential feature that ensures minimal downtime during changes. This enables instantaneous changes if needed, keeping your web services accessible and reliable, reflecting our commitment to efficiency and seamless user experience.

DNS record support

Babble’s web hosting services extend to robust support for all common DNS record types, ensuring compatibility and versatility. This versatile service fosters a future-proofed digital environment, facilitating growth and enhancing your website’s performance and reliability.

Key Benefits

With our advanced, future-proofed solutions for web hosting with Azure, you can guarantee your online presence remains accessible, efficient and dependable, propelling your digital success.

Ultra-high availability

We aim for ultra-high availability designed to ensure your website is always accessible. By leveraging advanced technologies and redundancy systems, we guarantee maximum uptime, minimising service interruptions and enhancing the reliability of your online presence.

Quick, efficient queries

With Babble, your web hosting experience is elevated by quick and efficient DNS queries. This means faster website load times, improved SEO rankings, and an overall enhanced user experience, all contributing to a stronger online presence and accelerated digital growth.

Streamlined site hosting

Streamlining ultimately leads to significant benefits such as reduced downtime, faster load times, and improved SEO rankings. Experience enhanced performance, unparalleled reliability, and a robust security framework, all fostering a future-proof and growth-oriented digital presence.

Best-in-class Support

At Babble, we understand the critical role that support plays in your web hosting experience. Therefore, we are committed to providing world-class, round-the-clock support to ensure your web services run smoothly. Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals are at your disposal, always ready to assist you with any queries or issues.

We pride ourselves on our rapid response times and effective problem-solving approach. Our goal is to minimise disruption to your online presence and ensure your website maintains optimal performance.

If your business has outgrown the support you are currently utilising, or maybe your in-house IT team could do with some additional support and help on projects – having Managed IT Services with Babble will most definitely help.

  • Immediate access to our highly-skilled technical team for support, available around the clock, ready to assist with any queries or issues.
  • Access performance monitoring with regular checks and optimisation of your site’s performance to ensure optimal functionality and user experience.
  • Our world-class technicians are highly experienced professionals that have the ability to help with any challenge.

Access expert services and consultancy

No matter where you are in your IT journey, we have the tools and knowledge to help you achieve your goals. At Babble, we ensure successful migrations with a well-defined process and robust adoption plan, setting the stage for your seamless transition and online success.

Our experienced technicians will expertly steer you through the stages of setting up, testing, and finally, launching your new environment.

Integral to a successful migration is understanding your goals and challenges. We’ll work closely with your internal stakeholders to create a clear plan moving forward.

Deploying the solutions within your chosen hosting plan will be facilitated through our proven adoption strategy, ensuring a smooth integration experience.

We provide comprehensive post-migration support, ensuring your organisation is well-equipped to maximise the benefits of your new environment in its entirety.

Why Babble for Web Hosting?

Experienced experts

Using Babble as your Web or DNS host, as well as your IT Support provider, means you have a one-stop shop for all your IT needs, and with us being one of the most highly trusted Microsoft Partners in the UK, you’ll be getting a top tier service.

Expertise you can trust

We are an award-winning IT Support and Managed Service Provider. We pride ourselves on our customer service and overall quality of service, which is evident from our customer testimonials, and excellent customer satisfaction score.

Transparent services

We offer a much more personalised hosting service, with full transparency on everything that happens with your domains. All your web services will be managed by a provider that you can have frequent and direct communication with.

Web Hosting

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