Application Hosting

Do you have a line of business applications that is only accessible from the office? Is your company still reliant on on-premises SQL servers? Are you looking for a Hybrid Working solution that gives your users more flexible access to applications?

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Application hosting is an agile and future-proof solution to providing your teams users with all the software they need to work. The key benefit is that it can eliminate the need for on-premise hardware and infrastructure, while enabling users to access applications stored on Azure SQL instances from anywhere in the world.

At Babble, our application hosting services are powered by Azure, in the Microsoft Cloud. Microsoft Azure SQL Instances allow you to deliver applications to desktops remotely, giving great flexibility and allowing users to access the apps they need from anywhere with an internet connection.

Application Hosting

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Remote services

The benefit of application hosting via Azure Hosting, as opposed to on-premise servers, is that the management and support of servers can be done remotely through the admin portal. Currently, there are over 200 different services, including a range of hosting capabilities.

Dedicated Cloud Architect 

We’ll assign you a Cloud Architect to assess your applications and perform an SQL Azure Readiness Assessment on your current infrastructure. They will then compile a detailed plan for the migration of your applications to Azure, including service platform costs.

Seamless, hassle-free migration 

Our Cloud Architects are trained and accredited experts in Microsoft Azure. This means that when it comes down to the migration, a full roadmap of your project will be created so that all your users can be informed of any changes ahead of time.

Key Benefits

The benefits of application hosting lie in the vast capabilities of Microsoft Azure. With hundreds of services available, at Babble, we know how to ensure that you get the most from our new environment.

Eliminate dedicated servers

With Babble's application hosting, businesses can say goodbye to the need for dedicated servers for apps. Our state-of-the-art platform ensures your applications run smoothly in the cloud, freeing you from the burden and cost of server maintenance and updates.

Instant database recovery

Application hosting with Babble includes the advantage of instant database recovery. In the event of a glitch, individual databases can be rapidly restored, minimising downtime, safeguarding data integrity and maintaining the continuity of your business operations.

Faster provisioning & deployment of databases

Application hosting enables faster provisioning and deployment of databases, vastly accelerating business operations. It eliminates delays associated with traditional setups, ensuring your databases are readily available, improving efficiency and productivity.

Best-in-class Support

In today’s digital age, businesses are increasingly seeking modern technology solutions to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and foster growth. They are turning towards market-leading platforms like Microsoft 365, Teams, and Azure to leverage the benefits of the cloud.

However, the integration and optimal utilisation of these platforms can pose challenges. With our comprehensive training programs and robust support services, we empower businesses to seamlessly adapt to these platforms. Our expert-led instructions equip your team with the necessary skills and knowledge, empowering the integration of these modern solutions into your business operations.

  • Access 24/7 IT Support and monitoring of IT systems to identify and resolve potential problems before they cause disruption.
  • Custom support packages that are tailored to the specific needs of your business.
  • Take advantage of our team of specialists with advanced problem-solving experience and knowledge.

Access expert services and consultancy

Babble has been migrating SQL servers to Microsoft Azure for more than a decade now. Our own infrastructure is based in Microsoft Azure and many of our applications are hosted within Azure SQL instances.

We carefully create, test and launch your unique environment to ensure your entire system will function effectively and efficiently.

From the very beginning, we work closely with your teams to fully understand your business goals, needs and challenges. The goal is to ensure the plan is understood by everyone from the start.

Our adoption plan is one that is tried and tested to ensure that we’re prepared for any scenario. We aim for a hassle-free, seamless onboarding experience.

Don’t worry about having a new service that your people don’t understand. When your migration is complete, our trusted experts will ensure the adoption is successful with post-migration support.

Why Babble for Application Hosting?

Nationwide support

At Babble, our extensive range of services and robust support network spans across the entire United Kingdom. With a strong presence nationwide, we ensure consistent, high-quality IT solutions and immediate assistance for businesses, irrespective of their location.

Accredited experts

Our Cloud Architects are trained and accredited experts in Microsoft Azure. This means you won’t find a more capable and experienced partner than us. In fact, our CSP status shows that we are one of the most trusted Microsoft partners in the country.

Fixed monthly price

Babble empowers financial predictability by offering our superior IT services at a fixed monthly rate. This strategy allows you to budget accurately, avoid unexpected costs, and enjoy high-quality digital

Application Hosting

  • Get in touch with us today to find out what we can make possible for your organisation with our dedicated application hosting services.

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