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If you work in a modern business, you no doubt have quality security running across your network. This could include having perimeter tech enabled to protect against email based cyber-nasties, business-critical apps migrated to the cloud and backups that are rock solid. Happy days.

But what about your staff? Your last line of defence…

Whenever successful modern cyberattacks are analysed, they almost always have a common thread – somebody, somewhere, did something wrong.

Human error is involved in more than 90% of breaches. And, in many cases, the very best security available won’t have helped in the slightest. In short, it’s absolutely vital that employees are clear on the critical role they play in helping to prevent security incidents.

And it really doesn’t matter what size and shape your organisation is or what you do. Whether you’re a Not-for-Profit, a family-owned manufacturing business, a professional services organisation or the latest FinTech, the bad guys don’t care. Everyone is a target.

What to expect from Security Awareness Training with Babble?

Our training doesn’t focus on the tech or acronyms (after all, who’s concerned with the actual difference between a spearfishing and whale attack?). Instead, we explore situational awareness and what your team should be looking out for. It’s positive, actually quite fun and, most importantly, it’s an evergreen process.  

We’ll also provide your IT team with engagement statistics so they can identify team members that may benefit from further personalised guidance and support, and also provide the tools to launch innocuous ‘look alike’ email threats within their organisation and see who, if anyone, engages with them.

Cybersecurity attacks can happen to any business

Unfortunately, I know of multiple organisations that have fallen victim to ‘avoidable’ security threats over recent years. Whether it’s the theft of material quantities of money, encrypted data stores to resolve or the unauthorised access to business systems – cyberattacks can happen to anyone. Even if your day-to-day operations aren’t affected, who wants to report a breach to the ICO or face a potential fine?

Naturally, we all think it will happen to other organisations and not to us. You’d have to be daft to be the one that drops the ball, right? Sadly, that’s just not the case.

One click of a bad link, or failing to notice that ‘super-urgent, confidential email’ isn’t really from the CxO, and it is your organisation. The threats are real, they’re increasingly convincing and cybercrime incidents have gone through the roof during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Security Awareness Training that’s easy and convenient

Driving behavioural change with Security Awareness Training from Babble is effective and inexpensive. In less than five minutes a month, users can improve their awareness of best practice and be up to four times more effective once trained. Pricing is tailored but can be as little as one latte per user.

The service is cloud based so there’s no app to deploy, no need to drag remote workers into the office to sit in front of a projector and it’s a breeze for the IT team to set up and run.

Implementation of Security Awareness Training is so vital now that, increasingly, it’s being mandated by insurance providers and investors. It is, however, probably the easiest and least expensive improvement organisations can make to protect themselves from the growing threats ahead.