And breathe… how tech can support under-pressure travel staff

It’s been a torrid time for travel. Forcibly shut down for much of the past two years, the industry desperately needs to recover its Covid-inflicted losses. But its woes continue, and are all over the headlines. What all this means is that across the travel sector, contact centres are being inundated with calls – from […]

Hanging on to outdated tech is a false economy 

Hanging on to outdated tech is a false economy

Where to spend spare cash – it’s an age-old question for business owners and senior executives. Which functions should they invest in to get the biggest bang for their buck? It’s a debate in which they overlook IT at their peril.   It’s all too easy to assume that not spending on technology will save money […]

Four reasons to work with a tech reseller

Four reasons to work with a tech reseller

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Babble would make the case for working with a technology reseller, wouldn’t they? After all, we are one.   You’d be right, of course. We are, and we would.   But not without good reason.   Technology is everything in today’s digital economy. It’s how you ensure a lean and agile operating […]

The kids are alright: listen to youth on tech 

The kids are alright

You might be thinking, and not without reason, my business isn’t The Breakfast Club where college kids sit around exploring the meaning of life and relationships, why the hell should I listen to some newbie grad about tech when I’ve been running my business for years. The truth is though, it might not be the […]

Cyber warfare is ramping up: don’t get caught out

Cyber warfare

Wars are no longer being fought just on the battlefield; cyber warfare has fast become a common threat too. And there has been a flurry of cyberattacks from Russia on Ukraine in the build-up to the war – in January alone over 70 Ukrainian websites were defaced, including government sites. With the possibility of larger […]

Cyber Threats: Protect your business from the inside and out

Cyber Blog Image

While it’s often assumed that the biggest threats to your company’s cyber security are from the outside, you’d be surprised to learn that the majority come from insider threats. In fact, a survey last year found that 94% of businesses had experienced a data breach from within the business. This includes contractors, former employees, current […]

Tech jargon giving you a headache?  Let us translate for you. 

Tech Jargon giving you a headache?

Cloud adoption by businesses has skyrocketed over the past two years with more and more businesses taking the plunge to update their tech stack. Just last month, Microsoft reported a 32%1 year-on-year increase in its cloud business segment. And every day, we’re seeing new customers ask us to help them make the  move  to the […]

Ping pong paddles down: Join the revolution against lazy EX

Ping pong paddles down: Join the revolution against lazy employee experiences

With remote working at the forefront of most business models for 2022, providing your employees with everything they need to be productive, including a healthy work environment, is crucial. We’ve banged on plenty of times about the benefits of agile working, but if you really want to bolster your competitive edge, you must nail your […]

Hackers are changing the game, are you?

WFH is the new norm. The demand for remote working is on the rise, which has pushed us all head first into a new digital world. With this new means of working, businesses have needed to adapt to keep everything running smoothly, which isn’t always up to scratch when it came to being cyber secure. […]