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You might be thinking, and not without reason, my business isn’t The Breakfast Club where college kids sit around exploring the meaning of life and relationships, why the hell should I listen to some newbie grad about tech when I’ve been running my business for years. The truth is though, it might not be the worst idea.  

Today’s generation of grads we’re born into tech… They never knew the pain of the whistling, crackling beeping of the broadband dial-in going on and on. So yes, they are going to set the benchmark for how we adapt to the digital age going forward.  

How do you know someone is young and tech savvy? Oh, they’ll tell you 

A young person entering today’s workplace has never known a world without the internet. They’ve grown up in a 24/7, always-on society. They’re digital natives and the fastest adopters of emerging technologies. What’s more, they expect the technology they use at work to provide a consumer-like experience with less tolerance for ugly, clunky and slow devices. Stepping into your business, this new breed of workers will have no hesitation in demanding change from management.  

Rather than letting it get to you though, try to see this as an opportunity to move the next generation into the heart of your organisation, whilst getting a fresh perspective from a tech native. And as much as vendors will of course have your best interests at heart, ahem, this is a golden opportunity to get advice from someone using the tech on the ground, who knows what they’re talking about and who doesn’t have skin in the game.  

And some data on what happens when you don’t do this  

According to a new global poll by Microsoft, an incredible 54% of gen Z and millennial workers said they were likely to consider changing employees this year. What’s more, a research study from Dell found that 80% of Gen-Z aspire to work with cutting edge tech. 

So, if you’re not providing tech which is best-in-class for hybrid work, there’s a risk this might grow into a black mark against your business. There’s also the risk that an employee might go rogue and use their own unsanctioned tech for work, giving you a fresh security headache.  

Listening to your young employees and taking action on their suggestions promises not only to help you make your processes run smoother, but also to send a serious message. It shows you really want to create a business working on the edge of innovation and where what young workers can bring is truly valued.