Everyday Loans

Find out how Babble helped Everyday Loans implement Dashboards, Wallboards & Real-Time Reporting in their Contact Centres

And gain unparalleled insights into their enterprise, driving actionable day-to-day business decisions that led to superior customer experiences.

A crucial part of Everyday Loans operations is the Contact Centre, which is a key touchpoint for consumers in ensuring personable, bespoke services to meet the unique lending needs.

To offer the best possible experience to their customers across their 80+ branches & contact centres, the teams rely on the ability to act in real-time to ever changing customer demand in today’s busy world.

About Everyday Loans

Everyday Lending Limited is a personal loan lender with branches located throughout the UK. Established in 2006, they provide a straightforward way for individuals to borrow money. Unlike other lenders, Everyday Loans offers a case-by-case approach to customers, allowing them to be flexible in deciding how much to lend and when. However, their commitment to professional and responsible lending is paramount, and they only lend what an applicant can comfortably afford to repay. With a focus on simplicity and convenience, Everyday Loans offers a fast and efficient online application process, with a conditional decision made in minutes.

“We needed to ensure that we could run our organisation efficiently & effectively to exceed the expectations that our customers have. We utilised the Five9 Supervisor license to manage resources but were struggling to easily share performance metrics across all our sites.”

Kris Hall, Everyday Loan’s Customer Contact Manager

The Challenge

Everyday Loans’ decision to migrate from their previous omnichannel cloud contact centre solution, which was nearing the end of its technological lifecycle, to Five9’s Virtual Contact Centre (VCC) in collaboration with Babble. The VCC solution provides an affordable and scalable platform for Everyday Loans, allowing them to expand their operations in line with their growth plans without having to purchase expensive hardware.

To ensure a successful migration, Everyday Loans needed to have visibility of the performance of each contact centre, not just within their branches but also centrally, enabling them to manage their resources effectively across the organisation.

The Solution

Kris Hall continues

“Babble came in and made this simple. Our initial thought was to develop a wallboard solution internally by utilising APIs, but it immediately became clear that this was not going to be easy and the management, when live, caused more concerns.

We worked closely with Babble to explain our requirement and from the initial conversations all the way through to the ongoing support and management of our implementation, they have shown an unrivalled understanding and expertise.”

Looking Forward

“We are in constant communication with Babble about where we might be heading and how they can help accommodate us. I must say, I am hugely impressed by their ability to listen & adapt their solution to help us move our business forward. It is win-win for everyone, as they get feedback from a live customer which gives them the ability to help us develop for real world scenarios and also add value to their expanding product line. It sounds sensible, but it’s something we have not seen much from technology vendors in the past.”

If you are looking for a real-time reporting solution for your enterprise’s contact centre, Babble provides the right tools to improve, manage and monitor your business performance.

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