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SumUp is a leading mobile point-of-sale company with 14 global sites and over 2,000 employees. Until March 2020, SumUp was an office based organisation, but as lockdowns were implemented across the world due to COVID-19, the business instantly pivoted to a home working structure.

Babble stepped in to facilitate the working from home transition at the start of the first lockdown, with features that allowed SumUp’s agents, via a Five9 solution, to dial automatic outbound calls to a specific sample of its customer base. This informed the point-of-sale company’s merchants on how SumUp could provide support during the pandemic with new products and offers.

Troubleshooting tools and new guidelines were also provided by the technology partner in order to provide clarity on the new working structure. Despite the rapid shift to remote working, Babble’s agile solutions have helped SumUp to thrive, and not just survive, in a new world.

• Over 2,000 employees instantly able to work as normal from home

• Able to easily inform customers of how new services would operate during pandemic

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