We supported Aquavista's growth by adding agility and scalability

How a scalable, long-term cloud technology solution has future-proofed the business.

Babble has been working alongside Aquavista, the UK’s leading leisure and mooring supplier, for the past two years.

Implementing technology solutions that were aligned to the company’s rapid growth following its uncoupling from former parent company, The Canal River Trust.

As a geographically dispersed business, Aquavista needed a scalable cloud technology solution that would enable employees to operate efficiently and remotely. With connectivity being essential to effective functioning of the business, Babble deployed a fibre grade connection and a hosted telephony platform across 18 dispersed sites. As well as lower upfront costs and maintenance, and facilitating cheaper, more reliable, better quality calls for the long term, the solution enabled Aquavista employees to work from home at a moment’s notice back in March, with no operational downtime or impact experienced by clients.

Providing data cards for employees’ iPads was also a fundamental element of Babble’s strategy, as they dramatically enhance Aquavista employees’ efficiency by allowing more flexibility, stronger and more reliable levels of signal and streamlined methods of communicating, despite being spread across various locations around the country.

At a time when business resilience has never been more important, Babble’s solution has provided Aquavista with a scalable, long term solution which has improved employee productivity and future-proofed the company’s operations.

• Cheaper, more reliable and better quality calls made as a result

• No operational downtime or impact experienced by clients

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