We helped Yopa have more bespoke conversations with customers

Since it started working with Babble in October 2019, full-service estate agent, Yopa, has seen its organisation transformed thanks to an automated Five9 contact centre solution implemented by this leading technology business, which has contributed to improving business efficiency despite the industry going through a challenging year.


Yopa is an award-winning online estate agent operating throughout the UK. They have a large team of local based Yopa agents who assist clients in selling their properties. 

Renowned for providing a full property sales service, with a fair fixed fee, Yopa offer an online platform to market and sell property. No longer dependant on traditional high street estate agents, anyone can now manage their property sale easily and affordably. Founded in 2016, Yopa’s reputation is backed by some of the biggest names in the industry. 


The Solution  

The Contact Centre solution has contributed to improving business efficiency, despite the industry experiencing some challenging years. 

Babble’s solution automatically syncs call data, ensuring that agents are connected with specific leads that are most likely to generate sales, before moving on to dial the next lead with the best conversion potential. 

Since implementation of the Call Centre solution, Yopa agents now speak to more customers than ever, and have better, more bespoke conversations with each one. They report an increase of 75% for the monthly talk time compared to that of last year. Improving from 400 hours to 700 hours of productive talk time over the course of the year 2022. 

“We are thrilled to share our experience with the telephony provider that helped us navigate the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The zero minutes downtime on the announcement of the lockdown in 2020 was a testament to their commitment to providing uninterrupted service to their clients. 

While others in our industry were forced to abandon their high street offices and leave their phones unanswered, this telephony provider went above and beyond to help us, and more than 3000 other customers fulfil their moves during the lockdown months. Their dedication to customer service was evident throughout the pandemic, and we are grateful for their unwavering support.”                     

Alex McConville, Head of Central Sales, Yopa 

Key Benefits 

Zero minutes downtime on announcement of the COVID 19 lockdown in 2020 and this continued throughout the pandemic. When others in the industry left the high street office empty and didn’t answer the phones, Yopa helped more than 3000 customers fulfil their move during the lockdown months. 

Previously, the industry moved through periods of extreme transition volume transition increasing in Q1 and declines in Q4 this often means ramping up and down staffing levels and temp workers. Yopa now blend during this period resulting in 100% staff retention. 

  • Additional 300 hours of productive talk time recorded 
  • A 200% increase in dials completed monthly reported 

Inbound department moved from a cost centre to net neutral since Five9 telephony implementation. Department costing circa –400k annually to forecasted net neutral.  




“The innovative approach to staffing and management has resulted in a 100% staff retention rate, with no need for costly temp workers. The additional 300 hours of productive talk time recorded and a 200% increase in dials completed on a monthly basis are clear indicators of their dedication to efficiency and productivity. 

Since implementing the Five9 telephony system, our inbound department has moved from being a cost centre to a net-neutral position, with a forecasted cost savings of approximately £300k annually. We now handle 30k leads per month with just 15 heads, compared to the 50 heads required in 2018 pre-Five9. Additionally, we manage 80k dials per month with just 15 heads, with each agent averaging 85 calls per day. 

We are also pleased to report that our inbound call centre service level has remained consistently below 90 seconds, exceeding industry averages. While some companies still have COVID-related IVR messages and low staffing levels, we are proud to offer our customers uninterrupted service thanks to our telephony provider. 

Overall, we highly recommend this telephony provider to any business looking for a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for their communication needs. Their commitment to customer service and innovative approach to staffing and management have been invaluable to us during these challenging times.” 

Alex McConville, Head of Central Sales, Yopa 


Company size 251-500 employees
Sites 2-5 

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