Are you switched-on about the switch-off?

By the end of 2025, all phone lines will be switched off. Your business needs to be ready in plenty of time to minimise the impact. The best way to get prepared is to understand the need for change and embrace the transformation.

The 1970s called; they want their phone systems back

When we’re all walking around with mobile phones in our pockets, it seems bizarre that businesses still operate and rely on on-premise tools and technology. Most businesses have realised the benefits of hosting their phone system in the cloud – using it to boost productivity, overall business agility and introduce new functionality. However, some still […]

The difference between adaptability and agility

Believe it or not, we’re no longer tied to our desks, hooked up to our workspace via wires and telephone lines. The world of work is transforming, and smart businesses are making sure they’re ahead of the curve.