Cyber warfare is ramping up: don’t get caught out

Cyber warfare

Wars are no longer being fought just on the battlefield; cyber warfare has fast become a common threat too. And there has been a flurry of cyberattacks from Russia on Ukraine in the build-up to the war – in January alone over 70 Ukrainian websites were defaced, including government sites. With the possibility of larger […]

Cyber Threats: Protect your business from the inside and out

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While it’s often assumed that the biggest threats to your company’s cyber security are from the outside, you’d be surprised to learn that the majority come from insider threats. In fact, a survey last year found that 94% of businesses had experienced a data breach from within the business. This includes contractors, former employees, current […]

Ping pong paddles down: Join the revolution against lazy EX

Ping pong paddles down: Join the revolution against lazy employee experiences

With remote working at the forefront of most business models for 2022, providing your employees with everything they need to be productive, including a healthy work environment, is crucial. We’ve banged on plenty of times about the benefits of agile working, but if you really want to bolster your competitive edge, you must nail your […]

Hackers are changing the game, are you?

WFH is the new norm. The demand for remote working is on the rise, which has pushed us all head first into a new digital world. With this new means of working, businesses have needed to adapt to keep everything running smoothly, which isn’t always up to scratch when it came to being cyber secure. […]

Cybersecurity’s neglected threat. The people inside your business.

As the cybersecurity landscape has evolved over recent years, so too have the threats that businesses face. With the nature of these threats ever-changing, staying protected is becoming harder and more expensive. Whilst external threats from cyber criminals are often the focus of security budgets, in reality it is internal threats that are most likely to lead to compromised […]

Unnecessary security flaw opened the door – Only to be saved by Synchronised Security.

As you know, Security threats are absolutely everywhere. Recently, one of our longstanding customers faced a potentially critical cyber-attack. Ransomware had taken control of a single device – a Windows Vista PC. For 25+ years we have provided the business with IT infrastructure, ongoing support and security. The company has circa 50 users and a […]

The Impossible Puzzle of Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity just isn’t getting any easier. While protection technologies continue to advance at a rapid pace, so do the cybercriminals trying to circumvent them. At the same time, the growing complexity of threats means that staying on top of them is an uphill task for stretched IT teams. To understand these challenges, Sophos commissioned an […]