Tech jargon giving you a headache?  Let us translate for you. 

Tech Jargon giving you a headache?

Cloud adoption by businesses has skyrocketed over the past two years with more and more businesses taking the plunge to update their tech stack. Just last month, Microsoft reported a 32%1 year-on-year increase in its cloud business segment. And every day, we’re seeing new customers ask us to help them make the  move  to the […]

Ping pong paddles down: Join the revolution against lazy EX

Ping pong paddles down: Join the revolution against lazy employee experiences

With remote working at the forefront of most business models for 2022, providing your employees with everything they need to be productive, including a healthy work environment, is crucial. We’ve banged on plenty of times about the benefits of agile working, but if you really want to bolster your competitive edge, you must nail your […]

Keeping it Agile with Top Tech

By this point, we’re all well aware of the benefits that come with agile working – but for it to be delivered effectively, having the right technology in place is crucial. To work better as a team who can communicate seamlessly regardless of location, you need to take full advantage of the technology that is […]

What employees want…

Have you adapted to attract the top talent?

Every generation coming into the talent pool brings with them fresh perspectives and priorities.

How to transition back to the office environment post COVID-19

When employees across the country were asked to leave the office and work remotely in March 2020, not many of us imagined we’d still be working from home over a year later. The end of lockdown is in sight, and businesses are busy planning their future return to the workplace. But what will this return […]

The difference between adaptability and agility

Believe it or not, we’re no longer tied to our desks, hooked up to our workspace via wires and telephone lines. The world of work is transforming, and smart businesses are making sure they’re ahead of the curve.

Hitting Reset: Business Reimagined

At Babble, we’ve shown that full remote working can result in a happier, less stressed, more productive workforce, which makes for better results.