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It’s been a torrid time for travel.

Forcibly shut down for much of the past two years, the industry desperately needs to recover its Covid-inflicted losses.

But its woes continue, and are all over the headlines.

What all this means is that across the travel sector, contact centres are being inundated with calls – from customers who, let’s face it, are none too happy. And that’s making life difficult and stressful for customer-service staff.

So how can travel businesses ease the burden on their contact centre teams? The answer lies in upgrading their technology.

Five quick wins

Travel companies haven’t had spare cash to invest in their IT systems over the last couple of years, so they’re not set up to cope with the perfect storm that’s hitting them, and they’re plugging the gap by simply hiring more people.

Thankfully, these five technologies are easily deployed, and can speed up and simplify processes for call-centre agents, while helping them to deliver great service:

  1. Automation

Automation solutions have the potential to transform how agents work, in a number of ways. Solutions like IVA’s and Agent Assist can digitally carry out some of their more repetitive, labour-intensive tasks. And automated messaging can direct customers to online resources which may resolve their queries for them – reducing the pressure on the contact centre.

  1. Artificial intelligence

AI-powered call recording and interaction tracking shows help-centre managers who’s under the most pressure. Meanwhile, virtual assistants and conversational analysis can quickly direct agents to the right resources, enabling them to answer customers’ queries faster.

  1. Self-scheduling

Self-scheduling tools allow agents to take control of their day, by enabling them to book in time for breaks, training, catch-ups with colleagues and more. Bringing calm to chaos in this way can significantly reduce employees’ stress levels and boost their productivity.

  1. Performance analytics

You can improve agents’ performance – and make life easier for their supervisors – by using analytics to deliver personalised coaching. Applying analytics to call recording and interaction tracking helps managers to spot skills gaps, and provide the appropriate training and support.

  1. Integration

Placing your contact centre at the heart of your business intelligence platform will drive seamless integration with other functions. By connecting your contact-centre agents to the rest of the business, you’ll be equipping them to assist your customers faster and more effectively.

The opportunity is now

Now is a the opportunity for travel firms to get smart about the tech they’re using, so they can stop relying on overworked, overstressed employees.

By modernising their systems now, they can protect their most valuable asset, and improve customer loyalty with outstanding service in difficult times.